Headphones generally are gadgets that let us convey audio from devices outputting audio, directly to our ears, without a leak. Headphones let us listen to audio in privacy, without disturbing people around us. Headphones generally have one use, but the terrain they are used gives differentiate them. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to choose the perfect studio headphones. Here we look at different parameters to look out for when purchasing studio headphones. These parameters are listed below:

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1. Makeup Your Mind: Open Back or Closed Back

Please be aware that studio headphones are actually of two major types, we have an open back and close back headphones. Your choice is dependent on the level of isolation and immersion you desire. Open back offers good sound quality, while still allowing you to listen to your environment, the reverse is the case when it comes to closed back headphones. Closed back headphones bring about complete isolation. Generally, Open-back headphones are best for people who do a lot of mixing work.

Apart from the level of isolation, sound quality is another choice facilitator, when it comes to making a choice between open or closed back headphones. Please beware that despite the fact that closed back gives complete immersion, open back headphones actually offer better sound quality, when compared to open back headphones.

Apart from Open and Closed-back headphones, we also have semi-open headphones. As its name clearly dictates, semi-open headphones show midway characteristics between open and closed back headphones. Semi-open back headphones offer lesser sound leaks than closed-back headphones while offering good sound quality with little or no distortion, depending on the model you purchase.

2. Comfort and Fit

Not neglecting sound quality, comfort and fit is another important facilitator of studio headphones purchase. Having studio headphones that hurt your ears can be very lethal. Studio headphones are something you put on for long, so it is very important you purchase comfortable ones, to avoid strain. You are advised to get studio headphones with over the ear cups, headphones with soft ear cups.

3. Durability

Durability is another important parameter you should look out for when selecting the perfect headphones for use. You don’t want a studio headphone that is very fragile. Apart from being used in the studio, there are times when you want to use these headphones on the go or transport them from one studio to another.

It is very imperative that these headphones are durable. You don’t want to purchase a high-end headphone, that has it damaged, because of little fall. To completely ascertain if the headphone you are purchasing is durable, you are advised to watch out for the hinges, cables and ear cups.

4. Price

Having discussed the parameters above, the price of the headphone is a parameter, that determines if you will have to make compromises. Your budget determines the type of studio headphones you will purchase.

You are advised to look out for headphones that offer the best value for the money you intend spending on studio headphones. You should also try to purchase these headphones from popular and trusted retailers, to get the best prices. You don’t want to purchase headphones from a middle man.

There you have it – a complete and comprehensive tutorial on how to choose the perfect studio headphones for use. You are advised to take these parameters serious, in order to purchase quality headphones, that will serve the purpose of a studio headphone.


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