This is what i’ve been using on my windows mobile phone to browse for free on the etisalat network for some time now. Please, i do not guarantee that it would work forever because it can be blocked by the Internet Service Provider, but for now it works for me.

Remember, fr you to run java midlets like Opera Mini on your windows mobile, you would have to download JAVA RUNTIME for your windows mobile, and also download the Opera Mini. Then Click on the Opera Mini and it would be installed.

This two applications (JavaRuntime and Opera Mini4.2) can be downloaded from

Now configure your Windows Mobile as follows for the free browsing.

– Click on your START menu.
– Scroll to Settings.
– Click on the CONNECTIONS tab.
– Put in ETISALAT as name and select CELLULAR LINE (GPRS, 3G) and click on NEXT.
– Type in etisalat as te access point name, click on Next and then Clik on FINISH.
– Now Click On Edit my proxy server.
– Tick the two Check boxes there, and type in in the box below and click OK.
– No click on manage existing connections, now click and and hold ETISALAT, then select CONNECT. After connection.

Now open your Java Runtime and Launch your Opera Mini.

Opera mini Configurations
– http server:
-socket server: socket://

– Now when you open your opera mini, press #8, and ten scroll down till you see protocol, change from HTTP to SOCKET and save.

Note:- You have to use this without Credit, if not you would be charged, preferrably have N0.00. Post your comments please.



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