Most times we have issues related to our financial activities with our banks, we begin to wonder how we can easily reach our bank’s customer service stations over their phone lines, emails and social media accounts to get things sorted out other than going in person to a branch to fix minor stuff like a refund of your account being debited without receiving recharge after making use of the Instant Top-Up recharge service.

Guaranty Trust Bank customer service care lines

Amazingly, these banks have media readily available to hit them up with your inquiries and complaints. In this quick tip post, I’ll get you to know the various customer care lines, emails and social media handles to contact Guaranty Trust Bank’s customer service which is 24/7 available in order to fix your needs. 😉

No need for the “How Do I Contact GTBank customer care phone numbers?” questions as we’ve got you covered.

Guaranty Trust Bank Customer Help Contact Details

Telephone: +234 700 48266 6328

Email: [email protected]



GTB Website Help Centre:

Note: All information on this page where gathered from the official website of the Guaranty Trust Bank and would always be updated upon changes on the website.


  1. hi, pls money was deposited into my account since 3 weeks ago snd i av not been able to withdraw the. They said the account needs upgrading and i dont av any of the required id for it am a student. And i seriously need this money pls av spent all my mobey going here and there in lagos. pls hlp me i need this money. thanks.

  2. Pls, I am at offshore and I have my bvn with me but haven’t registered it with gtb, can I email my account details and bvn for registration?

  3. Please can’t setup beneficiaries for money transfer especially for customers of Diamond Bank. They have active accounts with Diamond bank. Please assist. Can gtb customer care manually do. The message is usually “customer do not exist”

  4. Dear sir/ Ma.
    Good morning how are you and how is your work, I want make an enquiry about my account here in your great bank GTBank, I am your customer now I am not in the country any more, I went for study I did not do my BVN in my gtbank account but I did in my another bank, I have a Bvn number, please can you help me , here are my detail: Name Suleiman Babani, ac no. 01*****822, ac type Current, my BVN 22*********7, 
    Hope u will consider my complains.
    Many thanks?

  5. Please I don’t know what happened to my account please have been trying to transfer on my mobile banking and I want to use my Atm too is not working please help me out

  6. Good morning, my name is ALLI MICHAEL AYOTUNDE with account number 0********2. I did my BVN registration like 3 months ago only to be given a code 6498731. Up till now, I have not gotten my full BVN number and my account has been blocked. Even my other bank accounts has been blocked too basically because I have not been provided with my BVN number. I am disappointed with GTbank

  7. Im in South Africa and i cant use my atm card ..Ive been calling their customer care for the past 1hr .no proper response till exhausted my 100 rand airtime…Pls how can you help me??

  8. Regarding BVN registration, as Central Bank has recently extended the deadline till 31 January 2016 in order to be able to cater for people outside Nigeria, could you tell me specifically your GTB (BVN Registration) agents in London, United Kingdom please. Their name, office location and contact numbers/s please.

    Secondly, do you have BVN registration agents in Germany at all?

    Thank you.
    Segun Adebayo.

  9. Am in egypt Pls how can I change my telephone number to the one am using now cause the one am using before has get lost so am not able to see my alart wenever I save money so want to change it to the new number am using now pls how can you help me with that

  10. Pls I have done my bvn and cannot use my ATM card for transaction, I called my bank about but they told the account is functioning.pls reply back if you have anything to say

  11. Hello oscar,pls there is an online store name polkadotclothings on instagram,how can make awareness Cuz dey duped me I don’t any other person to fall victim

  12. My name is ijeh Nwamaka Jessica, I open an account in camp at abia state during the nysc orientation camp(steam 1).ever since then,I have been expecting to receive message concerning my ATM card. Pls,I will be glad if there is respond to my complain. Thanks

  13. Pls I want the management to stop the deduction of my money illegally by armor for Android AFA, I never subscribe for it, the deduction is getting too much. I need urgent intervention please. Your bank just sent me an SMS now about thel authorization for the illegal transaction on AFA. Pls do something. I don’t want my money deducted.

  14. I open my accaccount in Maiduguri branch since last five years back, I have a problem I file update form in zaria branch so that Maiduguri branch to uptate my date of birth and zaria branch send my form to maiduguri since last morth no replay from Maiduguri customer service. Pls sir I need ur help to contact Maiduguri customer service about.

  15. I transfer 18,500 from garanty trust bank to ecobank to the account of comfort ben ita (0303037706) but money later reflect to another person Emmanuel ben bassey so please I need the money to reverse to comfort ben ita account thank u all.

  16. I was debited without paying at sterling ATM at Coker gate time 1:56 nd there’s no reverse up till now gtb kindly do something.

  17. I am having issue of name arrangements with stanbic ibtc that my name appears on their database as akinyemi akintunde akeem. Instead of akeem akintunde akinyemi that I am having in my bvn information portal with gtbank where I register my bvn with account no. 0017238660. Pls notify stanbic.

  18. please how confirm if my account is still functioning or not account name Ebenezer Babatope Fatukasi. Account number. 0123521036. Thanks

  19. Evening! Please kindly connnect my gtbank account(0031021684, okosi Adedayo Lateef) with my mobile line (08032224186). Thanks

  20. i make a report on my account concerning the heading,initially it was ishola idris alao.which i want to change to ishola folarin adebayo,at abeokuta branch provided with the necessary and regulatory ID requested by cbn so i need quick response on my request

  21. Am Annette Uba. With account number 0024440838 “Acct: ******0838
    Amt: NGN20,000.00 Dr
    Avail Bal”
    I Did This transaction since November 16 2016 by 12:53 through mobile transfer. Up till now. Mr Ajayi is insisting he hasn’t seen d money in his account. Please I will be grateful if my statement of my savings account be send to me today to proof Mr Ajayi wrong.
    Thanks and GOD bless you

  22. Hi,
    Warm greetings.

    I humble wish bring this to your notice, I made a redraw of 4,000 at Unity Bank (CBD) Abuja yesterday and Unity bank ATM Debited me Without Payment, till now the money are yet to be reverted.

    below is the transaction Notification .
    A/C: Number: 0138123858.
    A/C Nme:Henry Kennedy Ekene

    Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service (GeNS)
    We wish to inform you that a Debit transaction occurred on your account with us.

    The details of this transaction are shown below:
    Transaction Notification
    Account Number : ******3858
    Transaction Location : E-CHANNEL
    Description : CASH WDL FROM OTHERS ATM
    Amount : 4,000.00
    Value Date : 25-Nov-2016
    Remarks : -895818- -UBPHafsat 472ConstitnA CBD Abuja NGSTAN9999895818
    Time of Transaction : 4:49 PM
    Document Number : 9999895818

    The balances on this account as at 4:49 PM are as follows;
    Current Balance
    873.23 Naira
    Available Balance
    873.23 Naira

    Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank plc

  23. I want to open an account but unfortunately I misplaced my voters card so I went for national id card registration thinking I would be given the card immediately but to my surprise I was given.a temporary slip which has been rejected in other banks but someone told me gtbank accepts the slip so I wanna know if it’s true or not

  24. I have received and instruction to come and collect my master card from Dugbe; Ibadan branch many times. Now a deadline has been given for 31st Jan 2017. Sir, I have being to your Dugbe branch to collect the card but the male desk officer on the right as one enters your banking hall spent so long a time looking for it without success. I left my phone no +2348033858033 with him to call when he finds it. No call till now. Pls locate it and reserve it for unstressful collection or give me a call when it is found or give me the contact of an account officer with whom I could relate directly. Thanks. Prof Odebode TO ( Your long time Customer)

  25. how can I change my number 4rm my back account bcoz my mum old number as been stolen .08141886064 dats my old num:nd my new number is08187270199

  26. My name is Adegunle Adediran I did on line transaction and it fails bt to my surprise they removed the money from my account and the transaction fail I wnt my money to be reversed back

  27. Good morning I did some transactions on vocher of 4000 I sent them to different lines but none of them received it kindly return my money

  28. pls i did a transaction online since 27th of Jan which was declined. The money was blocked but on Friday part of the money was unblocked.
    Why is that so? What do i need to do?

  29. I did too up from gtbank on my phone through top up on gtbank of 100naira but surprisingly 270was deducted from my account. please treat and revert the Kola Joel from nigeria

  30. Good morning. Happy new working day. We wish you could also reach your customers both old and prospective by advertising through the television screens in the BRT buses. We have worked with some companies successfully and the results were amazing. We wish you could also try this means and probably be the first bank to do so as your or our custom is. We will be glad to work with you in this aspect even though we know you may already have the an advertising agency working with you.
    Zizan Excel Media is an agent to the media in charge of the BRT buses.

  31. i make use of the atm at first bank in adebayo ado ekiti state.the atm debt me and didnt pay me up tin now they have not credict my account back.

  32. Hello gtb …I made a payment for my DSTV from my account online and due to the network my money was removed 3 times 5700 was debited instead of 1900 and 5700 was debit from my account .. …it was debit during this time…09:11am,09:12am,09:12am ….Please help me get something done with my money ….1900 should be debit from my account instead please….

  33. I wanted to make a card less withdrawal bt d withdrawal pin was nt sent to me nd I received a debited alert. Wat will I do to receive my pin. Urgent reply pls.

  34. kindly block the below bank account details:

    name:amosa bamidele adewale
    account number: 0149248995 . i lost my atm card at the redemption camp. looking forward to your prompt action.


  35. Good morning gtb please I did a transfer of 20k to eccbank yestarday uptil now the person has not gotten the money and he has been on me because the cash is for something very important his name is Patrick imologhome.please can you check and get back to me account name is ikeomu nkechi

  36. Good afternoon,I just opened a domicilliary account few days ago.I would like to know ABA account attached to my account.Thank you.

  37. Hello…I like to make a complain about the online_banking recharge I made yesterday night…I mistakenly double recharged twice,initially I wanted to recharge #1500 recharge card…I double recharge to cut it short I loose #1500…and I already call airtel customer care line I was told the problem comes from the bank…

  38. Hello, my name is Ayeni Isaac opeyemi one of your customer , I bought a phone in ikeja on the 10/5/2017 via pos machine but your bank debited me twice and I have complained more than 5times but yet you have not reverse my money up till this moment. I don’t know may be your bank wanted to to try and defraud , oh couldn’t understand the game they are playing with my account

  39. I really want to no if the ATM machine in agbor road is a fancy machine. Because there is never a day it does it work expecailly weekend. M even tire of your banking system in agbor road is not encouraging at all.I don’t back with union bank ,but if I want to wildraw money gtb ATM machine will never pay u. At the end I always find myself wiitdrawong from another Bank. WHY GTB IN AGBOR ROAD WHY???????

  40. I was debited yesterday around after 6 in the evening been 30/5/2017 at Lee group one thousand naira and uptill now they never reverse it

  41. My name is Olabode Ebenezer Oluropo. My account no is: 0106366346, on the 25th of May at about 7:11pm I used Fidelity Bank ATM at Tincan first gate, Apapa to withdraw a thousand naira. I had a balance of 7.070.28 in my account to my surprise when I received alert for my balance it dropped to 4.940.28.
    Just this morning again (12/06/17), I approached the same ATM to purchase Airtel five hundred naira voucher. I have a balance of 1.993.28 and after the first transaction where I forgot to input my phone number I have to repeat the process and the machine deducted my money twice only for me to receive only #500 worth of one voucher and my balance alert reveal #993.28. Kindly and urgently help compel Fidelity Bank to return my monies.

  42. My name is Olabode Ebenezer Oluropo. My account no is: 0106366346, on the 25th of May at about 7:11pm I used Fidelity Bank ATM at Tincan first gate, Apapa to withdraw a thousand naira. I had a balance of 7.070.28 in my account to my surprise when I received alert for my balance it dropped to 4.940.28.
    Just this morning again (12/06/17), I approached the same ATM to purchase Airtel five hundred naira voucher. I have a balance of 1.993.28 and after the first transaction where I forgot to input my phone number I have to repeat the process and the machine deducted my money twice only for me to receive only #500 worth of one voucher and my balance alert reveal #993.28. Kindly and urgently help compel Fidelity Bank to return my monies. My phone number is 08023967843

  43. good evening, my names are Ibraheem Ibn Idris bank name. I did my bvn with my bank gtbank. but I have lost my phone some months back and since then I have issues with getting my bvn back………this is my mail I used in opening the account…. [email protected]

  44. Good morning, I open an account with your branch at challenge in Ibadan on 16-06-2017,while my account number has not been send….

  45. Pl ma,
    In tried that and ehausted all the credit I have being on roaming, every minute cost 300 naira. The only people that would have helped to load my set is my family but they are currently financially down. I am not a big shot, pl, help If you can can have internet interaction with me. I am not resetting password, what happened, I downloaded a new mobile software and entered my I’d and password and it would not accept. It suggested I should activate it and on the process my account was deactivated. I need to book a flight from Lagos to kaduna and to send little money to my hungry family. I came for conference with little dollars as your bank could not allow me exchange at official rate. My problem is compounded by this experience. Pl do me a favor by setting internet interactions. The question usually asked, you can ask me same or link me up with tgebcustomer care. Other banks do this and I consider your bank more advanced then others. Jonathan
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  46. hello pls am trying to Chen my acc bal 737 but it wasn’t going true so I want to no why bcs someone say that he sent money to me and I don’t use to receive alart

  47. I was ask to come for mine atm card but they me that they couldn’t find it and i’ve been pending transport tro and fro

  48. Was credited this morning by a transfer method but my initial balance is not reflecting.I need a fast response pls.

  49. I mistakenly did d NEFT transfer instead of the instant transfer at about 10:44 am yesterday being Saturday, please will the cash drop today since its 24 hours time span, the beneficiary is stranded please!

  50. On 6th/8/2017 I used Atm machine to withdraw 20000 around 1pm it didn’t paid me at stanbic ibtc tudun wada kaduna. I also tried again withdraw 5000 same day same atm at about 6pm it dnt pay me I’m still waiting for retranversal upto now havent seen a dime. Thanks

  51. Good day sir,madam im marie s. Pangilinan im the wife of mr.michael robert frank im the authorize to get the fund of my to recieve the money.

  52. pls someone named awolu salisu made a transfer of 27,500 to my account yesterday name: azin acc no: 016****004 and I want to use it for a payment online but I didn’t see the alert but I started the transaction but it was not successful. I want to know if the money got into my acct or not pls I need ur reply now

  53. i wanted to recharge my bet9ja acct though mobile transfer, and u people deduct my money without credit my acct, this is the second time you people will do this.

  54. i’ve been experiencing hitches using the *737#. i can’t do core banking OPERATION on the platform.
    Error masseage displayed is pls try again later.

  55. Good morning Pls I withdrew some cash on the 14th of September around Isheri area of Alimoso LGA of Lagos State and I was debited and cash was not dispensed . please kindly help because I have a dislocation I can’t go out now.

  56. I have been using my account with g t Bank successful with out problem but now I can not check my account balance an make transfer to any other bank

  57. good morning I transfer money to my GTB acct 0138941498 on 30th September 2017 the sum of #82 500 which I received alert but I can’t collect the money pls help me to solve the problem. thanks

  58. How do I rectify this transaction
    A client paid a cheque into my saving account I was alerted but not credited, what will I do?

  59. I paid in 20k into an account that I open newly yesterday at Awka with the name Anaebue Kingsley ifeanyi. Acc no 0257155523.currently the money has not reflected in my account.

  60. Dear sir,
    My name is isiaka nasrudeen Ishola, am one of your esteem customers for so long.
    Yesterday, I mistakenly send sum of #10000 into wrong account on uba bank. This is the details follows. My account number is 0010819318 isiaka nasrudeen Ishola.
    Mistakely to mr edet effiong asuquo 2017446349 instead of Mr Hakeem adesupo 2071446349 uba.
    Please I really need your help on this issue. This is my contact. 08024414603. Looking forward to your respond. thank you.

  61. pls,I av been calling you people but no one is answering…..#4500 was deducted from my account for payment of uniben post utme but the transaction failed nd later i make use of another bank for the payment nd it was successful….i av called u but what u were telling me was that,you will refund back my money in the next 5days since august 31st 2017 but till now,nothing has been done by you people…..pls wat is really going on nd how will i get my money back

  62. gud mornin,having problem wit my acct last wek i went to other bank to withdraw d cash did come out bt i was debited same thing happend last 2weks (2000) nd last wek (1000) making (3000) wht will i do now? acct name SUNDAY DOGO JUDE acct number 0149170540. thank you sir / ma.

  63. Your bank is the worst ever. I have an issue with my card, my internet banking, my app not working, yet I can’t reach you guys to fix it. My biggest mistake to open an acctwith you guys.

  64. good morning, pls I recharge my mtn line with #400.00 airtime direct from my gtb account this morning and it have not enter till now and no respon at all,this is the phone number-08067061352.

  65. My dad transferred money to my acct going to 48hrs now av not seen d alert.I have been trying to check my balance since then but it’s not going pls what’s the way out?

  66. This calls for urgent attention. I bank at Gbagada branch.. Money is being taken from my account. the latest happened today as follows: AC

  67. I made a payment through my account for NYSC but still telling me I haven’t pay. Please, how do I know what the problem is

  68. Am Alao Akinsola with 01******94 is my account number on GT bank, I make a payment to my bet9aja account through 737 and the money of sum 5000 did not reflect in my bet9aja account and it as be deducted from my account

  69. Please it is really disheartening how your services has become very ineffective nowadays, A situation where Civil Servant Salary is not remitted on time. Infact am thinking of closing my account with this bank.

  70. Good evening sir/madam, pls I made a transfer of #80,000 frm my Gt bank account yesterday 23rd August 2018, at about 8 ;55pm,. But up till now the service has still not been rendered but d cash has long been deducted from my account…… Can u pls hlp me solve dis problem as it is very urgent?

  71. Please gtbank can i get my account number from here I have not make use of it for long due to leaving Nigeria to Bangladesh,and now i want to make use of it but i couldn’t find were i wrote it down,please i need a help from gtbank


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