When you have some videos that interests you and you ain’t able to watch them on your iPad, then call on this tutorial as I’ll be giving you a guide to convert videos to iPad format, thereby making it compactable with your iPad.

Introducing  HandBreak

What is HandBake: Handbrake is a software that allows and enables you to convert videos to any type format and even makes them compatibility on your iPad. Handbrake also converts most multimedia files and DVD.


Step 1: Download handbrake Here according to your computer operating system

Step 2: After you have downloaded and installed it on your computer you will be shown handbrake home window with many option that can help you optimize your video for any Idevice

Step 3: Click on source at the top left hand corner of handbrake to import a video from file

Step 4: Click open file and browse where you stored the video on your computer


Step 5: Once you have selected your video the name and length of the video will be displayed

Step 6: Look at the right hand side and click Idevice and you will be presented with many option then select Ipad


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Step 7: Choose where you want the video to be stored after converting it

Step :8 After you have choosen where to stored your video when converted click start and handbrake will process and convert your video to Ipad format and ready to transfer your video to your ipad or iphone.

Note: handbrake help you convert any type of video for all devices.

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