Everyone is on facebook these days, creating a Facebook Fanpage in order to promote your business, brand or blog won’t be  a bad idea, as this would help you reach out to a large audience. The social media is a great tool to get more traffic to your blog, and also a tool to promote your blog on social networks. So what are you still waiting for, is this not enough reasons for you to jump to creating a new Facebook Fanpage for your business, blog or brand?

Now, here is a guide for you to learn how to create a Facebook Fanpage all for free and fast. You definitely would like this as most of this site’s traffic comes from social networks after search engine.

how to create a facebook fanpage

Guide to Creating a Facebook Fanpage

It is easy to create a facebook fanpage once you already have a personal account on Facebook, this accounts user would automatically be set as the Admin to the fanpage.

  • After you’ve logged in to your facebook account, click on THIS LINK to start creating your facebook fanpage.
  • Select the right Category that suits your brand, fill in the names and follow the instructions over there.
  • Submit and your fanpage would be created.

It’s that easy to create a facebook fanpage and promote your blog for more traffic. Feel free to drop your fanpage URL in the comment box so we could see what you’ve done practically with our article.



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