Passwords are your only keys to your security online, and without strong and perfectly complicated passwords, your security and privacy is at a great risk of been tampered with. It it therefore necessary for you to learn how to create strong passwords to avoid your security to be invasion by a cyber criminal.

how to create strong passwords

8 Steps to Create a Strong Password

1. Your password should be above 8 characters, Alpha numeric in nature and it should also contain symbols.

2. Try to use different passwords on different accounts on the internet. This is highly recommended.

3. Change your passwords regularly.

4. Use password strength testing tools to test the strength of your passwords.

5. You can try using phrases in passwords instead of words to make it difficult to guess.

6. Avoid the usage of you personal information for password, e.g using your PET NAME.

7.Avoid the usage of real words.

8. And most of all, do not write your passwords down, try as much as you can to memorize them.

With these 8 steps listed above, you will be able to secure your privacy online with your strong and perfect password. You can also let us know other tips you use in creating strong passwords.
I hope this article helps.

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