I’ve received a couple of private messages on Facebook and also in forms of comments on this blog on how to check Airtel BIS balance. Though I replied them as usual, but I decided to make a guide once and for all to guide you on how to easily check the balance of your Airtel BIS data plan simply by dialing a set of codes.

how to check airtel data balance

Though after subscribing for Airtel blackberry plans, you can easily check the status of the BIS plan by simply sending “STATUS” in a text message to “440”, it would only return a message stating whether you have an active blackberry plan or not.
But checking to see the balance takes another form.

Checking Your Airtel BIS Balance

Simply dial any of the codes below




It’s that easy as your data bundle balance would pop up on your phone’s screen.

I hope you find this helpful.



  1. I always use the first code (*123*10#) in checking my data balance. The second (*141*11*0#) is new to me and lengthier than the first so I’d rather stick to thr first code. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the great tutorial about Aitel. Am an Airtel subscriber and must admit that i find their services wonderful. And now days, I use their free internet which i will share with you in my next comment here once am prepared.

  3. All commands rock well especially for whatever anyone needs it for. I think *223# is more comprehensive as it provides the balance of all the data bundles activated on ur line. Tried and it gave me 2 different account bundles, something the other codes didn’t do.

  4. Was told to recharge 1.5 air tel credit for unlimited data on BlackBerry but it finished in less than 48hrs. Is there any true uncapped data plan?

  5. oscar, i’d like to say u’re not doing badly at all. anyway, i think much of your topics require regular updates because people are looking out for something new ‘always’. thanx for confirming airtel 2gb still works on android. but if it doesnt, pls let your readers know. 1luv

  6. Oscar, I have tried doing codes above to check my blackberry my, I have even tried *223# but it’s not giving any useful info. Please help


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