It’s time to catch those tricking you on twitter, personally i don’t like people who don’t follow me back when i follow them on twitter, after making research on how to fish them out i found some few procceses, and i decided to share it with you guys.

It’s really irritating following over 1000 and you don’t have upto 200 fellowers, though now you’re reading this you need not to be bothered couse now you will be able to get rid of those selfish/inactive people who dont follow you back.

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Lists Of Websites You Can Use To Track Those That Don’t Follow Back On Twitter
1. This really is a nice website it allows you massively follow/unfollow users on twitter, you can also unfollow your twitter followers who don’t following you back.
You can see more at

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2. is one of the best site that i use to check or track my Twitter followers who are not following back or who has just followed me which i never knew but to follow them back instantly. Manageflitter offers 100 free unfollow daily and also with a daily unfollow limit of 2000 for premium.
You can see more at

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3. I call this site a smart trackerThis is a site use to track your Twitter followers to know those who do not follow back,to follow your recent followers,to gain more followers and also to add multiple Twitter accounts. This is done on a press of a button and you begin to see result of the activity of your followers and act back.
You can see more at

The above listed websites will really go a long way in helping you getting and unfolling inactive followers and those who refused following you back.



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