Do you own a website? Probably it should be a free hosted website thats’s why it’s having a subdomain. (ie. YourDomain.Blogspot.Com, YourDomain.Wordpress.Com) all this long subdomain names make your website look unprofessional.

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Some newbies are scared away from buying domain names because they thinks It’s so costly yea when I was still using my blogspot subdomain I had same mentality but domain names are between the range of $10 – $15 altgough there are ways to buy a domain name and pay cheap for the first year. But thats no why we are here, yesterday a new fellow bought a domain name from Godaddy and he couldn’t fix it on his blog he ran to me for help when i was about fixing the domain name I noticed some changes on Godaddy which is different from how I fixed mine. Here I’ll be giving you guide to fix your domain name to your blogger blog yourself, you don’t need to meet someone else to help you.

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How To Fix A Godaggy Domain Name On Your Blogger Blog

Step 1: Goto Blogger Blog Setting Tab and then click on Basic Tab. Setting>Basic In Blog Address field click on ADD custom Domain Link. Then enter the name of Domain you have purchased with WWW in front and click Save Button.Then blogger will show error meaning that you have not verified your authority to this domain. Error 5. Blogger also Generate some code keep that codes.

Step 2: Now Login into your Godaddy account click on All Products>Domain>Domain Management.

Step 3: Now you can see your Domain name, click on your Domain name. Now click on DNS Zone file tab and then click Edit button to edit your DNS zone file. Now a new page will open where you can add DNS and A record setting.

Step 4: Now Go to CNAME(Alias) field and add codes generated by Blogger in first step.
The codes should look like this;


Step 5: It’s now time to add A(Host) record. Go to A(Host) field and add some IP address used by Blogger in the manner i have added in my domain DNS zone file and keep default A record that is available by default in your zone file. Click Quick Add button and add @ in Host filed and IP address in Points to Field and keep TTL 1 Hour. You can use the below IP(s);
If you have inserted the above IP’s then click on the Save DNS Zone button to save your settings.

Step 6: Now forward your Domain (setup redirection). Goto all Domain page and on your domain name click small down arrow Icon and then click on Forward Domain. Now click on Add then in Forward to field enter your domain name in Redirect field select 301(Permanent) and keep Type forward only.

Step 7: Go back to bloggerudomain name again and save, your domain name will start working just wait for sometime and check it aretimes it starts working immediately.

Hopefuly with this guide you’ll be able to fix your domain name yourself without supervision.


  1. Thanks for the amazing write up. I have tring taking my blog to a top level domain but don’t know how. Your article have helped me a lot. Thanks once again. By azoka

  2. Of course it’s very good that you explain this to your readers although it’s strange that a redirect is needed in the end to make things work. makes clear why Godaddy’s technical support is worth nothing, so I assume that asking the company’s support to do this for the customer, is not an option. Thanks for posting this solution!

  3. Hello friend,
    I’ve been using godaddy’s domain provider for years now, actually I don’t see anything wrong with that, but when it comes to hosting a website, I won’t recommend godaddy to someone although I’ve never used their hosting plan but I’ve seen lot of cases where people complain about that, anyway thanks for adding up to this topic.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello Larry,

    This is my first visit on your blog. Extremely helpful for beginners. Many people those who want to start their blog with the help of, don’t have any about fixing domain. Here you elaborately have described each and every step of fixing domain for the go daddy buyers.

    Thanks for sharing this tutorials. Hope to see you soon on my blog.

    All the best to you for your blog.

    I have found your post from

    Thanks & Rehards,

  5. Hi Sarmista,
    Firstly I’ll say a big welcome to my blog. Surely this tutorial is quite handy for newbies who started their blogger blog and wish to add a top level domain to it.
    Thanks for stopping by to drop a comment.
    Happy Blogging!

  6. Hi Pankaj Gupta,
    It’s certain that you’ll loose your search engine traffiic but thats not the case because it’s rebuildable i mean you’ll get your traffic back if you work on your new domain name.

  7. Hi!

    I am happy that you help that someone on his/her problem about domain name on Godaggy. Sure that many tried to fix the error and haven’t done it well like yours. Good that you provide us a step by step guide to read. A newbie that use subdomain on his/her blog will find this article a big help.

    Awesome that you resolved the issue.

    Thanks and have a great day!


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