Getting a Payoneer Mastercard hasn’t been easier as you would have to apply and get approved through a third party Payoneer partner. A Payoneer partner is a website that issues payments using the said MasterCard and that’s where Infolinks comes into play.

how to get a payoneer mastercard

Infolinks is a text advertising network that pay you for clicks on their links. Payout is $50, and payout options are Cheque and the Payoneer Mastercard.

Before I contine to How I got my Payoneer Mastercard with my name on it, let me let you in to the benefits of the Payoneer Mastercard.

1. It is accepted Worldwide and Over the internet anywhere Mastercards are accepted for Payments.
2. No Bank Account is required.
3. You can Use it to Verify your Paypal, Moneybookers and Payza Accounts.
4. You can recieve private payments from anyone. And lot’s more

Enough of the benefits, you now see the reason you need one.

How I Got My Payoneer Mastercard and How You Can Get Yours

From the title of this post, I would teach you how you can get a Payoneer MasterCard using infolinks. I guess you now know what infolinks is all about from the explanation above.

I simply applied for an infolinks account, placed the code on my website. I got a reasonable amount of traffic that clicked on my in-text ads and in turn made me some money in my Infolinks account. I reached payout quite in time and was now faced with what method of payment to choose.
I actually wanted to go for Paypal, but I simply decided to apply for the Payoneer MasterCard method which was on the list. Infolinks asked me to fill in old card details or apply for a new one, which I did.

After filling the form, I choose DHL as courier service to my country. After 7 days of Approval on the Payoneer website, I got my Payoneer MasterCard brought to my Door-Step by a DHL official.  My card was charged $60 for the DHL service, and ever since, I’ve been enjoying my Payoneer MasterCard.

You too can get yours today by following my steps.


  1. Hello Oscar,
    what a nice and very informative post. But one can also get the payoneer master card from their site directly and that will give you even more advantages. like getting your own private US bank account without limitations and many more… Thanks for the post and do have a great week

  2. getting a payoneer master card is one thing i will surely apply for when i start using info link on my blog
    thanks for sharing

    • Hi Nosa,
      I’m glad this article was your guide. Here is a quote from Payoneer blog,
      Payoneer doesn’t charge you for card shipping, it’s completely free. If you live in the US, cards are estimated to arrive within 10 business days of approval. For non-US residents, shipping can take 15-25 business days, depending on your location and the speed of your local postal system.
      Additionally, Payoneer does allow you the option of receiving a card via an expedited shipping service, such as FedEx or DHL. We do not charge for this service; however do require that you pay for the additional shipping costs involved
      I chose the DHL option while filling my form. If you encounter any problem, contact Payoneer and report it to them. You can also read more about Payoneer card shipping questions here.

      I hope they fix your issue soon. Do have a great day.

  3. Hello Oscar,

    Thanks for your time and I appreciate your effort thus far. The card was approved earlier today and I have equally sent a mail to them for modification of the shipping method. I will revert to you once I get a reply.

    Thanks for your help. You rock :0

    • I’m really happy you got yours. BTW, it might interest you to know I verified one of my paypal accounts using the cards. I wrote a detailed tutorial on that sometime last month on this blog. You could search it out. Do have a great day dude, and thanks for letting us know about your card’s arrival.

  4. pls pertaining d configuring of my pc to your-freedom, after i was done with the whole process i was rather told my freedom is endangered. What does that mean?

  5. 1. Can we use single payoneer mastercard to verify multiple paypal account?
    2. I have applied for my own payoneer card. They sent email to me that my request has been approved.
    What baffled me is that after approval, another email was sent to me to verify my card by uploading a copy of the ID Card which i used (i use voter’s card). Is it mandatory or optional?
    3. Is it not risky using a fake phone number and address for paypal opening?
    4. Can i use freedom software for paypal opening? Thank you Oscar for helping us. May God bless you and your family.

  6. Hello osar ,i was approved for the mastercard, after a month i got this messeage in my mail,but i have not recieve any card,Activate your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard®.

    We have noticed that your Prepaid debit MasterCard® has not yet been activated, although it has been successfully issued.

    We would like to ensure that you have received the card, and have all the information you need to activate it.

    • Hi Jotech,
      I guess they have issued the card but it probably didn’t get to you. Try contacting their support team with this, they’ll issue you a replacement. I hope this helps.

  7. Hello, thanks for your information. please can you explain more on the infolinks stuff. I mean if i join or sign up how do i get paid for their ads been clicked on?

  8. Hello Oscar, I would like you to assist me to fix some certain problem am having.
    1) I have been blogging with google but have not been able to be approved by them.
    2) Concerning Payoneer Card, I am a Nigerian and resident in Nigeria. Can I use my Local Bank Master Card to fund or load my Payoneer account?
    3) I would like you to mentor me on how to succeed online such as blogging and advertising. I really need help on this areas. You can contact me through my email.

  9. Hi Oscar, I applied for the payoneer mastercard, after sending them a copy of my passport its taking long to approve my application. When I logged in into my account on payoneer my status is still Your application is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days. do you have any idea what might have happened?

  10. Hello Oscar,
    Nice info, I really appreciate.
    I need some coaching about blogging, can I have your contact please to discuss better with you?

  11. Hi Oscar
    I have a question.
    Can i add my regular Payoneer MasterCard (debit card)to infolinks for payment method.
    i don’t have Infolinks Payoneer MasterCard.
    thank you

  12. Hi Oscar just reading this now. Can I verify my PayPal account with VBA(Virtual Bank Account). I presently use a Nigeria PayPal but Nigeria banks are rogues. They charge black market rate for payments moreover I cant fund my PayPal account except through their issued card. Pls help.


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