I remember once making a post last year on how to invite all your facebook friends to any facebook fanpage you admin, but due to the new facebook design update, the old javascript code no longer worked.

But here is goodnews for you. I came up with a new javascript code that works with facebook timeline. It’s posted this August 2012. I can now invite all my friends to my facebook fanpage using this javascript. Here is how to do that.

– Launch Mozilla, Login to facebook and visit the page you created.
– Highlight and Copy the code below.

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(var i=0;i

- Click on the Invite Friends Link.
- A dialogue box would pop-up with a list of your friends and a checkbox nex to each.
- Press Ctrl + Shift + K on your keyboard then a new dialogue would pop up.
- Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard and hit Enter key.
- All your friends would be Tick.
- Then Click on Submit.
- A message would be shown that your invitation was sent.

With this, you can invite your thousands of friends to your facebook fanpage. Enjoy the little facebook trick.



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