This is what i do whenever i login my 2go account in my friends phone, you might be thinking how is it possible, yes its really possible you can login your 2go in another persons phone without leaving your login details in the persons phone.

Let’s Kick Off
Now login with your friends 2go in his phone, chat to your satisfaction then now when you are done, normally you will either use the red button to exit the app or go through setting, but here you don’t hav to do such, all you nee do is genty remove the phones battery and replace it.
When Your Friend Wants To Log In Again, It’ll Show His own Password And Username Not Yours,
I use this method to login 2go in phones that are not mine.


  1. Any time i want to open my whatsapp on my nokia asha 205, it will say unable to start. I dont know why.
    Is there any solution to this?


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