Do people still use yahoo mail? Yes ofcourse, yahoo mail has been in existence even before gmail, but all of a sudden gmail had beat yahoo mail out of the track. Okay, what happens to all those using yahoo mail, did they dump their yahoo account for gmail? Ofcourse not, they still use their yahoomail accounts.

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We are in a world of technology, almost every body if not all have a mobile gadget which is internet enabled, ofcourse at your leisure time you might want to access your yahoo mail account with your mobile gadget, but it’s unfortunate that your yahoo mail can’t be accessed with a mobile gadget. So sad huh?! Keep calm I’ll guide you through how you can access yahoomail on you mobile gadget. Lets proceed.

How To Login Yahoo Mail on Your Mobile Gadget

Okay! Before we proceed let us see the requirments.


  • A mobile device (must be internet enabled)
  • You must subcribe to an internet data bundle, or use your credit/airtime
  • A good battery that can sustain you while you tour your yahoo mail. Lols

If you have the above requirments ready then you are good to go. Lets see how it’s been done.

=>> Open your browser on your mobile gadget.

=>> Type or you can click on the link.

=>> Type your login datail in the box provided and click login.

=>> Now you should be on your mail inbox.

Congratulation you can now stay confortably in your house, office, or anywhere and access your yahoo mail with your mobile device.


  1. We can use the Yahoo mail through our smartphone. Yahoo mail is very safe for the users. We need to open the yahoo through the mobile browser. Then with help of email address and password, we can log in Yahoo account.


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