If you are one of those people that love to write a lot, and you’ve been writing thousands of articles, all for the passion you have for writing, why not turn your passion into profit by making money from writing. So what  are you waiting for, let’s get started.Make-Money-Online-Writing-Articles

Here In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to make a minimum of $50 daily as you do what you love doing. Get a cup of tea, and sip as you read along.

There are a lot of articles online concerning making money online, nut i assure you that 80 percent of them won’t give you what you need as they seem to make things look easier by telling you that you can make 200 without stress. The truth is, you have to get out of your confort zone to to make this work.

Lets Get Started

There are a lot of sites where you can get clients who are willing to pay you for writing articles for them, but I’ll recommend this two sites, www.elance.com and www.freelancer.com. There are lots  of job available for everyone on this freelancing sites. The reason we are going to start from here, is to for us to build up our portfolio and let people (our customers) rate us positively, by so doing, we are going to increase our payment for our work.

I’ll advice you start from a low bid so you can get a lot of customers. The normal rate for a 500 words article is $5. But after building your portfolio, and have gotten a lot of positive ratings, you can increase the price of your service to up to $10 for a 500 word article.

The secret to increasing your charges is by being committed to what you are doing, complete your customers articles on time, and ask them to rate you on those freelancing sites. You don’t have to be worried, article writing is for every one, I bet you my grand mum can do it as far as she’s a great writer, you do not need any extra skill like knowing how to code, all you need to know is how to add juice to your article.

Remember, google is your best friend when it comes to making researches. You don’t have to specialize on writing just one niche, whenever your clients give you articles to write on any topic you are not friendly with, all you have to do is consult Google and get ideas.

Also keep the communication between you and your clients constant, you can email them once a day to tell about the progress of their project.

Note: Never, I mean never ever copy and paste articles you copied from any website, else your potential client will give you negative rate and you may even get banned from those freelancing sites.

Now go straight to the above sites and get your self a job, even as a student or parent you can do this.


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