I’ll teach you how to munch on your symbian phone. Recently blackberry phones flooded Nigeria as it’s now the talk of the town, one unique feature which this phones posses is the ability to screen grab which according to BlackBerry its being called Munch. Lots of friends used to ask me how I munch like blackberry Users on my symbian phone. so I was thinking its gonna be a useful tutorial to share on my blog for my faithful readers to read. Let me not waste your time as I’ll quickly show you how to munch on your symbian phones like blackberry.

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Follow The Below Steps Carefully To Munch On Your Symbian Phone
Step 1: You need to have X-plore if you don’t have one you can download it Here.

Step 2: You will also need super screenshot and you can also download one Here.

Step 3: After downloading this two item you will proceed by locating where you downloaded the super screenshot with your xplore and open it and you will see three files inside.

Step 4: Extract what you see there in different folders.

Step 5: Install the super screenshot on either your phone memory or memory card and also note were youinstall it.

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Step 6:After you have installthe super screenshot, Use your xplore and locate thosefiles you extracted to different folders from your super screenshot.

Step 7: Get the resolution ofyour phone l.e weather 320×240 or 240×320.

Step 8: Open the file that has your phone screen resolution. Then extract the file with the name “watermark.mbm” then locate where you installed your super screenshot.

For example if you installed your super screenshot on your memory card you will have to locate for “E:/data/superscreenshot” while if it is on your phone memory you will have to locate for “C:/data/superscreenshot” then paste it in the folder you extracted with the name “watermark.mbm”, Then over write the existin watermark in the folder.

Step 9: After you are done with that exist your xplore, Then go to your installationsand open your newly installed super screenshot application then ma ke necessary settings you need to do.

That’s all you are done
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