It is a major issue of concern for people living in countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran m Libya, Ghana where opening, verifying and owning a Paypal account for online payments and purchases is not allowed and this tends to slow down internet activities involving purchases where Paypal is to be used.

The reason why countries like Nigeria are not allowed into Paypal is one that I can’t really explain because I believe they don’t know what they are loosing the potential market in Nigeria.
In this article, I will teach you how you can open, verify and operate a Paypal account in any of the unsupported countries successfully as I have been using mine for a couple of years now.

how to open and verify a Paypal account in Nigeria

Before I delve into the main tutorial, I would love to let you know that it is possible to Open and operate a Paypal Account without verifying it and still use it for small scale businesses online. Infact, unverified Paypal accounts do not draw the attention of the Paypal team and are not easily noticed, let alone getting a suspension.

It is quite important to verify your Paypal account if you would love to bypass their monthly maximum transfer of $500/month placed on unverified accounts. You also would not be able to withdraw your paypal fund if yours is still unverified.

How To Open A Paypal Account In Restricted Countries

It is quite easy to create a Paypal account as long as you can cloak your browsers IP with that of a supported country. There are a couple of ways to surf the internet using an alien IP to yours which could include the use of VPN(s), Anonymizers, Proxy servers. In the resource I will provide, I wrote how you can hide your country IP and cloak it with a German IP since the country is supported. You will be making use of the Your Freedom software.

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After you must have configured your PC and browser according to the link tutorial above, it’s time to create your Paypal account using the below procedures.

Things You Need

1. Create A New Email Address which you will use for Paypal (Gmail is preferable)

2. You will need a US Address, Phone Number, Postal Address which you would be using to create the US Paypal account,
Don’t worry, you can get full US details from When you visit the page, select Male, American, United States and click on Generate. A random detail would be provided, copy the address, postal code and phone number provided as you will be using this to create your US Paypal account.

3. Now, with your browser IP cloaked using Your-Freedom, visit , then click on Register, select your language as English and then continue to fill the registration form with your US details and submit.

4. A new Unverified Paypal account would be created for you, and a new account verification mail would be sent to your mail. Make sure you follow the link to verify the opening of your unverified paypal account. (This must be done while Your Freedom is active).

5. If you won’t be verifying your Paypal account, then you can stop here. If not then you need to read my story of How I Verified my paypal account using A Payoneer MasterCard method.

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Note: You Must visit your Paypal account whenever you wish using your Freedom and the same server in order to make your activity appear to be real.

I hope you can now open, verify and operate your Paypal account safely in Unsupported and restricted countries such as Nigeria. I hope this helps.


  1. I have learn several good stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you set to create such a wonderful informative website.

  2. Hello Oscar , Am i Not going to have Issue with Paypal If I Open Paypal account With German I.P address and Used U.S Contact address and Login Using Germany I.P address…… Thanks

  3. Thanks so much for all d beatiful info. But i want to ask: will d e mail be also US based ? that is with the name generated?

  4. thnx for the valueable info .. i verified my paypal account 4 days before using us payment service thru a guide I saw online. can u tell me how can i make some one payment securely ? means i should be able to money back from him too in a specific period of time ? ..

  5. Hello Mr Oscar, I had tried to follow d link ” your freedom for uncensored browsing and PayPal creation ” but its not opening . pls wat can I do to get this done?

    Thank your kind gesture

  6. Nice write up. Very helpful indeed. Please, I’d like to ask you for advice on a challenge I’ve been trying to break. I’m trying to register with a site for a program but they they don’t accept Nigerians because of the PayPal stuff( its actually a buy and sell thing on ebay/amazon) I’m thinking of using this method of US address and PayPal idea to beat the restrictions, what do you think? The site is ds domination.

  7. In your very interesting post above, you said one must use the same “server “. Please. Can you expand on that? Do you mean the same Laptop, phone etc..?

  8. @Sameer, has an option to select a specific country… If you need fake German address, simply select German on the first drop-down menu and then Germany on the second drop-down menu, followed by sex (male, female or random). Simple! 😉

    @Kola, Oscar’s post was very clear… Just take some minutes to read through the interesting post… 😉

  9. hi, oscka Frank, I am trying to d a blogging business in d net, there some money reflecting on my page which I want to transfer to my local account in Nigeria. I wounldnt mind coming to see you if you are in Nigeria.


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