Now, you can share your Facebook status on Multiple groups by this simple Facebook application. If in your Facebook account, you are joined in many groups, page and friends and want to share your good status, Blog post and any things with your all group, pages and friends then this application helps you a lot.

I used this application and save my time a lot to share my blog posts on various groups. This Facebook application is free to use and named as Multiple Post.

Here are the some features and steps to use this useful and awesome application.

How to use this application.

User Interface of this Multiple Post application is very simple and anyone can use it without any problem for this you have to login with your facebook account. Some People think that login to such kind of application is harmful but friends there is no risk, because it is verified by Facebook and as simple as other Facebook application.

To access this application, Just to this Facebook application via THIS LINK

Step to share your status on Multiple groups in Facebook

Go to the above Multiple Post Facebook ApplicationLogin with your Facebook account. Write you status, picture url, any post url etc. Check groups where you want share this status Hit on Post button. Done!!! enjoy

A demo Post by Multiple Post Application.


Its save a lot of time to share any things on multiple groups.

Very Fast to share all your post on variousgroups. having option to share links with your own title, description and image.

Simple and secure.
No registration, just login with your Facebook account.

Currently this application is in BETA mode, in future it will come with many other awesome features. By the way this application helps many bloggers of course me. Just try it and share your review about this Facebook application.



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