Several businesses these days are doing all they can to enhance their business online via social media platforms, and one rampant marketing tool most companies utilize to entice customers to their company or brand is a contest or competition. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to run a successful social media contest.

Social media contests are an amazing way to connect with your audience, reach out to fresh customers, attract more likes and boost traffic and engagement.

Also, to receive votes online via social media contest is massive, since this could lead to a possible sale.

Before we discuss how to enhance your marketing leads with contest-based marketing skills, it is vital to break down why it is key to use contests as part of your marketing strategy.

These days, our current generation only cares about building unbreakable relationships with loyal brands and you can seize the opportunity of this mindset by granting your audience more chances to interact and have their say. Social media is not restricted to any particular kind of audience or demographic, so by beginning a contest, you can realize who your audience is, what they cherish, and this is very important for your company or brand.

How To Run A Successful Social Media Contest

What Are The Advantages Of Social Media Contests?

  1. They can improve online engagement for your social media pages and build greater connections with your audiences. Contest votes can also be bought to gain more popularity and gain added engagement rapidly.
  2. Contests let you gain email subscribers and allow you to meet possible long-term customers. It is the most appropriate way to be a leader in the market with brilliant lead generation opportunities.
  3. Contests attract more shares, likes, and comments for your business. It is the most adequate trick to make your business viral on any social network.

Now that you know the advantages, it is also important to break down how to go about running a social media contest. Adhere to the instructions below:

1. Understand The Interests Of Your Audience

You should ensure you create time to be aware of the interests of your customers so your contest can be a successful one.

Contests can assist you to know more things about your customers and the most recent trends that can lure the market towards your business. That research does a whole lot.

2. Try Several Platforms

There are various social media networks online that will aid you to go worldwide with your marketing skills. Knowing this, start contests on several platforms and also enhance them on various social networks to boost your possible reach and engagement.

There are lots of social media contest tools online, just go for the one you feel will do the job for you.

3. Choose A Decent Contest Idea

As soon as you know and understand the interests of your customers, give your contest theme a deep thought. Begin by analyzing the tastes of your customers and collect data about the type of contests that will spin their heads.

You can go for one from several available options; it could be a clip-based campaign, a comment giveaway campaign, a fan content campaign or a social cause campaign.

4. Ensure Its A Good Prize

Think deeply about the prize you will be giving out at the end of the contest. It has to be something that will entice lots of people to partake in your contest and it has to also focus on your brand and your brand perception.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to run a successful social media contest. If you have questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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