WhatsApp is known worldwide and even if it is still not possible to schedule messages with the messaging platform right now, it can still be done. All that is required is a GB WhatsApp app. A scheduled message would automatically be sent by your mobile device to the receiver at the time you set. A few Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy has this feature built within its SMS app, so Samsung owners should already know about this. Here we explore a tutorial on how to schedule Whatsapp messages with GBWhatsapp

It allows you to delete messages that have been sent already, hide your status for privacy and safety concerns, use unique emojis that other WhatsApp users do not have access to, and enjoy several fresh themes or run 2 WhatsApp accounts in one device.

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The amazing thing about GBWhatsApp is that it can be installed alongside your original WhatsApp, and both will not hinder each other.

As soon as the installation is complete, just keep using the GBWhatsApp with a new number as a totally independent chat application.

How Can I Schedule WhatsApp Messages On GB WhatsApp?

ow to schedule Whatsapp messages with GBWhatsapp

  1. Before anything else, you have to download the most recent version of GBWhatsapp on your smartphone.
  2. Get it installed as you did on WhatsApp.
  3. Type in your details the same way it is done on WhatsApp and start using it.
  4. If you wish to schedule a message, just tap on a contact and type the message.
  5. After that, set time and date and that is all.

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Note: GBWhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp messaging platform. It might look like it, give you a similar experience, but it is different from the popular WhatsApp with billions of users all over the globe.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule Whatsapp messages with GBWhatsapp. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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