It takes lots of time and work to come up with a unique blog post, and what annoys a blogger most is to find another blog copy pasting (stealing) his whole time consuming article and placing it on their website without a prior notice to the post author.

I started experiencing a significant drop in traffic on one of my blog, I wondered what I started doing wrong but could not come up with a reasonable explanation. So I decided to make a few searches on Google using my keywords, I found one website ( ranking high on search. I then decided to check them out in order to see what their On Page SEO was like that got them there but to my greatest surprise, the whole articles on that keyword was gotten from my blog.

Several means to contact them was not possible, I then decided to change my feed setting to Summary instead of Full, thinking they got my article using my feed, but still my Latest Articles kept getting on . I studied their website and discovered that they IFramed my blog, so I came up with a simple JavaScript that can redirect any site IFraming your Content back to the original URL, and guess what, it is easy to add it up to your blog.

How I Blocked from Stealing My Content

how to block feedreader and other content thieves

Now if you visit any of pages with my article, it would redirect you back to the original link on my blog. It also works in other content stealers that iframe your articles.

To add it up to your Blog, Edit your Theme or Template and search for
Just before it copy and paste this code

<!-- iframe redirect starts -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
if (window!= top) top.location.href = location.href;
<!-- iframe redirect stops -->

Now save your Template or Theme and check out the iFraming Content Thieve Blog post of your article. Wow, it redirected back to your blog right?
Feel free to let us know if it worked for you.


  1. Hi! Thanks for this info.
    But please. dont I need to replace your blog url (oscarmini) and put mine
    before it can work? Will it work just like this?

  2. What nobody is saying and I’ve checked a few blogs that are talking about is how to get your website out from their index.

    I mean to really stop them from scraping if you post a new article. And if you add that javascript, will their indexed pages from google lose rank or disappear?

    • Hi Chris,
      The truth is you have no control over their system, so this is the best trick that would work for you. Whenever someone visits their blog from search engine, this javascript would redirect the user to your blog. If you have any of your content on their site, try visiting it after you must have added this script to your blog. You’ll be redirected to your blog instead, it works for me.


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