All bloggers already hae this at the back of minds that search engines can turn in a large traffic to their blog thereby increasing your usual earning.
how to submit sitemaps

Therefore it is necessary to submit your blog or web sitemaps so as creating an invitation for their spiders or crawlers to visit your site.


Sitemaps are xml documents which can be generated to show search engine bots their way around your blog. It could be Html though, but XML sitemaps are more search bot friendly. In main essence, a sitemap is the map of your blog or website

When spiders visit your site, you stand a good chance to be indexed on their search result for the related keyword search.

Here are a few steps needed to take in order to submit your sitemaps to google, yahoo and ask search engines


Firstly, create your blog’s sitemap and upload it to the root of your web directory so that its link looks like this

Now here is how to submit it to Google Search engines

How to Submit to Yahoo

How to Submit to Ask

Now you can try submitting your sitemaps and see the tremendous result on your traffic.


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