Have you ever thought of making Video Tutorials for your blog readers? You can now convert your old blog posts into Video form. There are lots of benefits you can gain with this. Lots of people out there love Video tutorials and as such you can even upload the Videos to your Youtube channel and start earning from Adsense from a whole new source.
creating a video for your blog posts
You might be wondering about how you would edit, and render you videos, or maybe you do not have time to do this stuff, well, I bring to you Wibbitz, you do not need to learn how to edit any video. It does all the stuff for you.

Wibbitz is a web application that sends a crawler to crawl your site and then makes an audio and video presentation for your blog post.


How to create a Video for your site’s homepage with Wibbitz

  1. Simply visit Wibbitz.com , fill in the form that appears, type in your homepage and click on Create Your Clip.
  2. Wait, then a code would be generated and given to you. That’s your Video Embed code. It works with Html 5.
  3. You can embed the video wherever you wish.


Wibbitz has an option to customize the video, add a voice over, change screen orientation and size. You have to check it out.

Hope this helped. Tell us about other video creating software for bloggers you know using the comment box.



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