Among smartphones, Blackberry devices still places a superb remarkable scar in the mobile market, despite the fact that Tecno Android has flooded the mobile market, trust me blackberry devices are one of those preeminent smart phones in the mobile market.

How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry Smart Phone


Basically, one reason why people love smart phones is because of it’s flexibility, ranging from tweaking of Imei, upgrading of OS, installing custom ROMs, installing upgraded applications and alot of other features.

In our discussion this today we’ll be talking of how you can be able to upgrade your Blackberry device, you should be thinking of why you should of why you should upgrade your blackberry device. Okay! I’ll tell you, when you upgrade your blackberry device you an now open to more feature. More features = BlackBerry more interesting. Lol.


How to Upgrade Blackberry Phones via OTA

I hope we are good to go. Alright some people might be saying, whats OTA? Let me give you an answer. The full meaning of OTA is “Over the Air”.

Let’s match foward as I show free, simpliest, shortest and ofsourse the best method to upgrade your blackberry device.

  • Goto Settings.
  • Click on device package Updates.
  • Your device will check for any latest updates and install it.

Simple I guess? now if your Blackberry smartphone Operating System (OS) is up to date, you will be Notified.

Now with this tutorial, I guess you would be able to upgrade your blackberry OS yourself without having to pay a dime.

It’s time off, before I take my leave, let me drop something for all BlackBerry 10 users.
With the annoying manner in which the Blackberry 10 eats up data, which network data is best for you as a Blackberry 10 user? Check Here


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