Football is arguably the greatest and most popular sport in the world has ever seen. The whole world will come together this year to attend and view the biggest event the sport has, the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is being organized at the host country, Brazil. The event draws crowd from all over the world as it is a football extravaganza that happens every four years and it is a relish to watch in particular, as nations are represented and rivalries unfold throughout this tournament, which goes on for almost a month.

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FIFA World Cup Live Matches on Your Android

But as many know, it is not possible for all the fans to be present at Brazil to attend the mega event, however there is no need to feel let down as many apps and FIFA World Cup live streaming facilities are now present that is sure to give you a pleasurable experience away from Brazil while not reducing the excitement of the games at all. There are very limited options when it comes to streaming online but it is something you have to consider in order to get the best quality you can hope for if you want to watch. Let’s explore some of the options.

Watch Live Matches through Apps

To begin with, the first app we are about to refer is Watch ESPN which will permit you to enjoy all the games live at all times of the day. It is understandable that you need cable or satellite connection that includes the ESPN network channels in order to avail all the amazing services of the app. The Google Play page of the app could give you a brief idea whether your service provider is registered or not. ESPN is basically the best way to catch all the excitement live as it can provide all the matches with very good quality and can be seen in consoles, tablets, and smart phones too. Availability is limited to US as of now and can also be used with the Chromecast dongle.

Watch ESPN Live World Cup

Live Streaming @ WiziWig TV

There are not many apps available that would aid you in watching the matches live while streaming but that in no way means that you cannot stream the matches live from the various websites available on the internet via the phone browser. Making use of a streaming website will do just fine, and one such fine example is the Wizi wig TV. It streams a variety of channels and also has dedicated page for the world cup too, now. You simply have to browse to the page and select the match you want to stream, and you are ready to go.


Appreciations to FIFA, the 64 games will be broadcasted to the first-hand International Broadcasting Centre, where worldwide broadcast stations with privileges will be capable to display the matches in numerous countries. The complete list of television privileges licensees for the World Cup can be found on the licensee’s document, so you can check to tell where it will be aired in your nation and then stream it. Whatever is the case; these options are surely going to help one watch and enjoy the matches to the whole and have a great time cheering their favorite team.

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