Hello friend, welcome today to techribs, Today i will show you how you can watch dstv on your symbian and any other smart phone.

To effectively watch Dstv on your phones, you must activate Streaming Settings or Multimedia Default Settings to enable it load faster. To do that, Open your Phone REAL PLAYER, Press Options – Settings – STREAMING – PROXY [set it as NO], press back and click on NETWORK [use the Settings below] – Choose Mtn default.

If you are done with the above settings then follow the below steps to watch dstv on your symbian phone

First Method ==> SPB Software: Spb softwares is a flexible application that posess the capability to load foreign stations live on your Mobile phones(Symbian), Androids, Smartphones, and Blackberry devices. It works even better on Pc. To effectively use it on PC, follow this simple.

How To Use:
¤ Visit http://tv.spb.com , you will be automatically be re-directed to http:// desktoptv.spb.com
¤ You will be ask to download Silverlight, if it’s not found on your PC, you can download it here http:// microsft-silverlight.m.en.softonic.com/download.
¤ After Installing Silverlight Software, Refresh or revisit the site http://desktoptv.spb.com and you will see the Live Tv streaming Screen and be able to watch AFP news, France24, CCTv, MtvBase, Aljezara e.t.c To Symbian users, you can download directly from thier website here http://www.spb.com/symbian- software/tv

Second Methode ==> EJAZWORLD : This is a superb website enriched with great stuffs ranging from LiveTv features that includes – MTV channels and many others.

How To Use:Just visit http://ejazworld.mobie.in then click on Live Tv, Scroll down to the bottom of the site, just select any of the station and it will start showing immediately.


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