Whatsapp as at the time of post is one of those chat apps commonly used by all smart phone users. Do you know you can use whatsapp for free? Originally you’ll have to use data to access whtasapp. Whatsapp application doesn’t work on all devices but there are little steps one can use to make whatsapp work on an unsupported device, but still there are some low version phones that the simple methods doesn’t work for. We are here to learn how we can use whatsaap mobile application for free, if you are ready now lets go.


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How To Run Whatsapp Mobile Application For Free

Step 1: Make Sure you are on either MTN Tru Talk, Smooth Talk or MTN Pulse (enter By Dialing *400#, *401# and *406# respectively)

Step 2: Send MMS to 3888

Step 3: You will be sent a configuration setting

Step 4: Save the configuration settings

Step 5: Set it as your default settings

Step 6: Open Your Whatsapp And Enjoy!!

I hope it has worked for you, is tested and ia confirmed working.


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