We have promised to keep you updated on the new Infinix device that is about to be lunched and I believe that all these while, we have been up to date. Up till now the name of the about to be lunched device also known as #TheNextHero has not being unveiled, and I know Infinix fans all over are already eager to know the name, but hush, the #TheNextHero is by corner as this device will be launched on 28th of May, 2015, at Unilag, Lagos.

The truth remains, we have not being able to get to know the name of this device, but so far we have gotten some photos of what the device will look like.

See Photos After The Cut:

Infinix #TheNextHero

Infinix #TheNextHero

Infinix #TheNextHero

From the look of this pictures, the supposed #TheNextHero should be a family of the Infinix Zero device. We’ll keep you updated on whatsoever becomes the case.

What’s your say on this? Do you think this is an Infinix Zero like device?

We will like to hear from you.



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