Recently, we wrote on how to upgrade your Infinix Hot2 X510 to android Marshmallow. Now Infinix has just pushed a full OTA update for the Infinix Hot 2 X510 to Android 6 (Marshmallow) 0202. I’ll like you to know that this is a test run of it, so do not expect it to be perfect.Infinix_Hot2_X510

You’ll need to unroot your phone before you install the Android M 0202 OTA update for Infinix Hot 2 X510. To checkyou’re your Infinix Hot 2 X510 is rooted or not, click here.

Now before we proceed, we assume that your device has been unrooted, then you can follow the below steps for the update.

How to update Infinix Hot 2 X510 to Android M 0202 OTA Update 

Now you have unrooted your device, navigate to Settings > About > System Update. Search for, download and install the OTA update. It should be about 836 MB.

Some of you will encounter a situation where your phone says “system is up to date”. It’s no problem at all, it simply means that the rolled out OTA hasn’t yet reached you, exercise some patience.

But if you think you’ve waited enough and can no longer wait, you could download the extracted OTA zip file.

Hope this tutorial was helpful? We’ll like to hear from you what you think about this, and we will also like to know anywhere you have challenged concerning this, using the comment section.



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