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Instagram is social media network for online photo-sharing. A user is able to take pictures/photos and apply filters to them. The user may then share them on the social network of their choice. The most popular are Twitter and Facebook. The way Instagram has distinguished itself it to confine the picture to a square shape similar to how Polaroid images used to be. This is different from how regular mobile phone pictures tend to come out (with a 16:9 aspect ratio). The Instagram service was launched in 2010, and has seen over 100 million users. Here is how it may fuel your social marketing success.

Your Instagram profile will be seen by a lot of people

Instagram profiles receive traffic online, as the 100 million users will often sneak a peek at other profiles. Will your profile receive millions of views? No, it will not. But, there is a source of traffic there, and it is free, so it is better to have a profile than to not.

You appeal to a wider audience with Instagram

Twitter is for the micro-blogger and Facebook is for people who submit to peer pressure, and Instagram has its own target audience too. The people who visit are going to vary, in that you may gain the attention of people who love reading, and people who love pictures, or people who love videos, etc (you get the idea). The fact is that your Instagram audience is going to be slightly different from your YouTube audience, your LinkedIN audience, your Facebook audience, etc.

Get people to engage with your profile with contests

There are photo contests that you can take part in if you want to become more popular on social media. There is also the fact that you can add them yourself and make your social media campaign a little more successful that way.

You can reward a few of your followers

Social media is a good place to disseminate information, which means that it is a great place to give out promo-codes for people to get a discount with your website. It is a little more special if you make your promo-code a little more exclusive. If you tell people that your promotion is only running on Instagram, then you are going to get more takers.

More people are going to want to take part in the promotion, but you should be wary of deceiving them. Do not tell them that it is an Instagram exclusive deal and then go and post a similar deal on your other social media profiles. If you do this then you are going to lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of your viewers, who will probably not return again.

You can feature a few of your customers

This is a very risky move, but if you sell the idea correctly then you may get a lot of people contacting you. You could do it as a reward for winning a contest, or you could do it in order to show the world that there are people who like or love your products. You could show the biggest fans of your products on your Instagram profile.

Advertise your company events

If you have a lot of company events, or even if you only have them occasionally, you can advertise them with your Instagram profile. You can post pictures of what is going to happen, or you can post pictures of things as they are happening right now. You can post pictures showing you setting up your event, or show people preparing for the event as it comes up. Any gimmick you can think of in order to raise awareness about your event or to advertise your event is going to work well on Instagram.

Spread out your posts so that they are consistent

Some people go on an Instagram spree and start posting lots of images in one go. Then, they will often neglect their profile a little while. It is far better to upload images on a regular occasions so that people have an incentive to keep visiting your Instagram profile. Try not to neglect your account or attendance will start to slow down and so will your social media success.

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  1. Heard about Instagram but never tried it. From your article it seems to be an attractive platform to showcase photos and events. Though I think the core concept of every social networking sites are same, you give something to others before you get something from others. Can you please tell us how Instagram is different from Flickr?

  2. Instag is a great photo sharing service and the recent addition of video to it would make it even better.

  3. Instagram is something I have but know nothing about. Cheers for this info. Will actually start using this more now 🙂

  4. I dig the idea of not going nuts all at once Oscar 😉

    I see sprees on Instagram, twitter, and heck, on many social networks or sharing sites. It is better to take a slow and steady approach; adopt a long term vision to create content, and share, day after day, a bit at a time.

    By doing this you can attract a larger audience on a steady basis. Be patient. Nobody becomes successful overnight.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve seen a lot of successful marketing campaigns through Instagram because people LOVE taking creative pictures. Instagram, more so than most other platforms, really allows users to engage with companies. It’s also an awesome way to show off your brand. Neglecting Instagram as a marketing tool is not a wise move. A lot of potential there for many different types of products/services.

    This is NOT my article but this is a great read on company’s using IG creatively – – must read if you’re looking for social media inspiration.


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