Since the conception of Android devices to the mobile market, the rate on gaming has climbed, I could remember back some years when if you needed a real game you had to buy the PES series, but all of a sudden Android devices upgraded, and made gaming real on the smartphones.

You all will concore with me that HD games are awesome but sometime some people encounter problems with this games. Because of the installer file sizes of some HD Android games you can’t easly download their .apk files as some are upto 1GB of size, and really takes a courageous person to wait till it finishes downloading. As if that isn’t enough, you then face frustration at the installation proccess when you get stucked.

Here I’ll show you how to install HD games with CACHE, APK & OBB files on all android Devices and overcome all the stress, isn’t that great? 🙂 Lets Proceed.

When you download an Android game with cache, it normally comes in two files, which are – APK and OBB files.

The APK file is the first to be installed, after installation, it will create folders for the OBB files to be placed.

Here on this tutorial, I’ll use “Contract Killer 2” (game) as an example, I’ll give you step by step guide to do this.

1. Firstly download the game cache
a. CK2v2.0.0.apk

After you must have downloaded it, quickly open your File Explorer and search for the game

You can download File Explorer here if you need one.

2. Open the with the file explorer and you would see something like the screenshot below.

3. Now Extract/Unzip the contents you found inside the into the same folder in your Memory card.
After extracting, the content should be a folder with name “CK2.0.0data”
i.e > > > /mn t . s d c a r d / . W i n z i p / f i l e s / C K 2 v 2 0 . z i p / C K 2 v 2 . 0 . 0 d a t a

4. Now go back to your CK2v2.0.0.apk, Launch it, It will prompt to connect to internet, Accept, wait a little till it downloads upto 3MB, by now it should have automatically created a folder for you to place your game data, then you can cancel the internet connection.

5. You are almost there, go to where you extracted CK2.0.0data, open the folder, you’ll find another folder in it named “com.glu.contractkiller2” Now copy the folder.

6. Then go to : sdCard >> Android >> obb >> Now paste the game data folder here, Just like the screenshot below.

Hurray! you’ve successfully installed a HD games with CACHE, APK & OBB fileson your android device,quickly go to your menu where all your apps and games are lined up and you’ll see your intalled game there, just lunch and play.