There is no doubt that all mobile smartphone users want to engage in the buzz around whatsapp, but it can be really frustrating to discover that your Nokia Asha 200 or 205 is unsupported for this chat application. Lot’s of people have been in search of ways to install a working version of whatsapp on their Nokia Asha phones, and guess what, there is a work around to get things work your way.

whatsapp now available for nokia asha

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download and install the whatsapp mobile chat application to run smoothly on your Nokia Asha smartphone without much hassle.

Prerequisites To Installing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha and s40 Unsupported Devices

  • Make sure the unsupported smartphone device you are about to run the Whatsapp chat application on, has a free memory of at least 4MB.
  • A mobile phone that supports Whatsapp installation other than your Nokia Asha phone where you would love to install the application.

Method 1 to Downloading Whatsapp for Asha 200

  1. Remove the memory card in your Nokia Asha phone and insert it into any s40 Nokia phone where Whatsapp is supported.
  2. Visit Whatsapp s40 page and download the app for into the phone.
  3. Copy the downloaded app into your memory card, and then remove your memory card from the phone.
  4. Insert the memory card back into your Nokia Asha 200 or Asha 205 device.
  5. You can now launch this app and watch it run successfully on your Nokia phone.

If the above method does not work for you, follow the below procedure. It also works.

Method 2 to Running Whatsapp on Nokia Asha Phones

This method is similar to the one above. You have to follow steps 1 down through till 4. This time after you insert the memory card back to your asha phone, do not launch the app.

5. After you locate the app on your Nokia Asha 200, (i.e when you insert the memory card back to your phone). Click on your options key and select “Update Version”.

6. After the update must have been successful, all you need do is enter your login details and rock whatsapp on your smartphone.

The above methods have been tested and trusted. But before I end this post, I’ll share with you 2 other videos with different techniques to making whatsapp work on unsupported smartphones.

Following the laid down guides would definitely work for you as shown in the videos below.

Video 1

Video 2

How do you like that? Feel free to let me know what you think. Did it work for you in installing whatsapp on s40 java phones, especially the asha 200 family series? Do you have other working methods to this OR did you encounter any errors? Let us know using the comment below.


  1. Yeah that was the best steps ever but he didnt mention 1 tning, that you should insert 2 simcards on nokia asha 200 if it is a dual sim. The setting up favourites will fail if you didnt insert 2 simcards..

  2. helloo oscar, i have been tryin to download whatsapp on my nokia asha 205, but it’s not workn, but when i used asha 200 it worked… Thanks oscar, for the tips… Do have a great day ahead!!!!!

  3. am using asha 205,nd a broda of mine help 2 copy it on my memory card,bt unfortunately,wen i want 2 open it,its teln me invalid app delete.pls wat can i do

  4. I was able to copy from a smartphone to my memory card but it was the details of the whatsapp of the other person that I have on it after I clicked “Update version”.I’ve been trying to change phone number or refresh favorites but it has not worked.Please kindly help out

  5. my phone is asha 205,i have try coping it wit others phone nd yet it didnt work,what its normally say dat d application error what will i do,

  6. Hello, thanks for the info. But after the download, i updated the version. So when i click on open i got message ” unable to start ” pls help asap.

  7. But i have downloaded whatsapp on my nokia asha 201 and when i write my whatsapp number in then i click the send button he will start loading on is runing loading he would stop loading and write certificate error

  8. I downloaded whatsapp latest version but while i tried to verify my phone number i was told to update whatsapp pls help me ooo am tired

  9. Thanks sir it really worked but the problem is the logging in process after typing my number it will write upgrate vision frist and i did after upgrating, i rewrite my number and it repeat the same thing saying upgrate vision over and over again and i’m feed up with this. What next should i do sir?

  10. What if your phone memory space has been distroyed then you dont have a memory card inserted can you download the whatsapp without a memory card inserted.


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