One of the best moments in the life of any woman is giving birth to her own child. How troublesome and stressful the baby does not matter, the joy of having a child to call your own knows no bound. However, mothers still try to know more about how to care for their babies and we have platforms that will help you be your baby’s everything in our list of Best iPhone Apps For New Moms:

1. Toddler Cards

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You are allowed to teach your baby animals and new words with this app. It lets you explore teaching animal names, colors and language translations to your kid. Language translation in this sense is that the baby can learn what a word means in Engish language and in Portuguese as well.

2. Puppy

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Do you have a kid that plays all the time and is restless? If that child does rest, you cannot rest too, it is what you signed up for.

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This application gives you a calming background noise for your baby. This background noise could be the sound of rain or the voice of an oscillating fan. This will comfort your child very well and give you the peace you seek.

3. Lose It

iPhone Apps For New MomsThis app is not for your child but for you. After getting pregnant and delivering, the woman will surely lose her normal shape.

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But this can be rectified and this app is here to make sure of that. On a daily basis, Lose It will set up your eating plan and workout routine on your behalf. The workouts will not be difficult and beginners can start with stationary bicycling. You have more than 160 exercises to select from.

4. Baby Tracker

This application is basically a feeding timer and a diaper logger. It is possible to use it to track the habits of your kid. It is not complicated to use too. Diaper changes, feedings and sleep patterns can be recorded and it supports Apple Watch too. This app will cost you nothing.

5. Cloud Baby Monitor

Your iOS device transforms into a kid unit and parent unit to help watch over your kid. It is secure and simple to use plus it comes with popular white noises and lullabies.

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The app provides live video anywhere, super-sensitive audio, noise and motion alerts, night light with remote brightness control. It supports the Apple Watch and you will be able to speak to your baby even if you are far away. Parents will adore this app.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of iPhone apps for new moms. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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