It is recently rumored all over the net that Facebook has been having negotiations  to purchase Waze which has over 40 million users for about $1 billion. And from reports we are getting, it seems Google has put in interest to also purchase Waze, and this is a great opportunity for them to maximize and make higher sales since the two Tech Giants are after them.

waze buyout

Waze currently generates revenue via location-based advertisements, and a company like Google or Facebook would likely look to expand its monetization prospects should either should acquire them.
We hear that Waze is seeking more than $1 billion, and would rather stay independent if the buyers won’t meet their demand. Let’s watch out for the two Tech Giants, Google and Facebook, and also other contending buyers who wins this buyout.


  1. I think the amount waze is demanding is too hi , considering the fact that they have just 40million user …. Tumblr has over 150million users and they are demanding $1.1billion…anyways should the battle between the 2 tech giants go on , i will love google to win it coz they previously lost out to facebook for instagram…


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