Facebook is the largest social media site as at present (time of post) no doubt, but the drive to monetize their model, especially the mobile traffic has actually led to a lot of updates in the feed ranking algorithm known as Edge Rank.

facebook ads

Trying to get the numbers from large web bodies, you’ll notice that their has been huge decline in the amount of traffic facebook refers after the last update was conducted. For instance, over the course of December 2013, Upworthy’s traffic reduced by 25% to 67 million people and then to 48 million the following month from an initial value of over 90 million. This actually happened after the update was made in December 2013.

Now, well over to the reason for this post. If you are called upon to talk on this or advise someone going into paying for Facebook likes using the Facebook campaigning platform, would you encourage this?

What added benefits do you think are there to enjoy if someone considers paying for LIKES? Are paid LIKE campaigns worth it? I’ll be glad to see your contributions in the comment box below.


  1. it depends on how much they charge per like. If you are looking for targeted traffic I will suggest Google but if you want to build targeted fan page Facebook campaign would be considered.

  2. Oscar,

    Paying for Facebook likes is not worth it. Even if you go for a “targeted” plan, you never know where those likes are coming from and most of the time, the money goes down the drain. Moreover, FB paid engagement is almost nil because those likes are most of the time fake.

    I recommend avoiding them altogether.

  3. Facebook being the largest social networking site is a cool way of generating traffic to a site. Paying for facebook likes isn’t a bad idea. However, if one needs targeted traffic, Google Adwords is a better option.

  4. I was completely out of the loop about this update. I am currently using SOME facebook ad campaigns and it’s working beautifully. Perhaps because I have not been engaging very often. However, as my website starts to kick into high gear, its Facebook page can expect a lot more posts and shares. Let’s see how things go. Thanks for the article, Oscar.

  5. well, as for me. i.d like the google adword for advert because it bring those who are interested in your offer unlike facebook that just click and exit tab. but would like to ask. howmuch does it cost to advertise on google adword?


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