Have you heard the word “KELVAR”? Sure you shoud start thinking of some sort of unique plastics, I guess you ain’t far from it when you think of unique. This time Infinix is on the move to creating The Next Hero which as at now we are not yet sure if it’s gonna be a smartphone, phablet or a tablet, but from the graphic below, we can clearly see that it’s comming very soon.

What is Kelvar? That’s what should be roaming your mind at this time. It is for now nothing but The Next Hero according to infinix, and boasting much about this device surely means it’s gonna be power-packed with a lot of features.

What can it be used for? This is one question that deservs an answer, but chill, we’ll make sure we gather every bit of information about The Next Hero so as to get you updated, just stay arround the coner.


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