You need a 2go Star Booster ? then read this post. 2go being one of the best, fastest and easiest messaging app has gotten lot of users over the years and because of numerous users the app has become more interesting as it gives it’s users rank. Probably everybody wants to boost their statr progress so that they would reach the final stage which is ultimate. And here I’ll give you a way to quickly boost your 2go star and reach ultimate before a month.


How To Get Free 2go Go Credit

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Before we beging I’ll like you to download this 2go that will help you boost your star progress below;
2go 12 in
2go 12 in 1.jar

How Does This 2go Work?
Before we continue I suppose you have downloaded the 2go into your phone. Have you done that? If yes then lets proceed.

*. After you might have downloaded the app lunch it you will see 12 2go’s.

*. click on any one it will open then you login with your username and password.

*. after that you use the * button to minimize one for the other loging the twelve 2go at once with thesame account.

Note: Your airtime balance should be empty and this tutorial works well for glo and etisalate sim cards.

The 2go will be showing you connecting, login in, starting 2go keep doing this for continues 7 day and see the boosting power of 2go 12 in one.

Happy Star Boosting!


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