Early last year Apple had released it first Apple watch which runs on the Apple iOS and features most of the goodies Apple has got to offer. Fortunately for Apple, the first Apple watch sold like petrol even when it was obvious that the watch failed to meet some expectations of some buyers. As an improvement of the first Apple watch, the company is set to release the Apple Watch 2 later this year.

Based on leaks from some online media, the new generation Apple Watch 2 might just come with a new type of swappable band in the form of a magnetically closed Milanese Loop band. This new design was spotted on the the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

Apple Watch 2 Leak design
The magnetic wristband that is present on the patent office website comprises two main configurations, thereby giving it two different functions.

According to the abstract submission, “In one configuration the wristband is magnetically coupled around a user’s wrist. In another configuration the magnetic wristband can be magnetically coupled around an electronic device to which it is attached. In this second described configuration the magnetic wristband acts as a protective cover for the electronic device to which the wristband is attached. In this way a user can reduce the likelihood of damage being inflicted upon the electronic device while it is not being worn.”
The wristband consists of a number of magnets arranged with magnetic polarity patterns that are complementary with each other, which will allow the wrist strap to become magnetically couples around the users wrist.

Reports further revealed that Apple Watch 2 may be launched by April this year. According to a report by Apple Insider , citing a research memo obtained from Cowen and Company, the second-generation Apple Watch will likely feature a thinner size and better performance.

We patiently wait for Apple to officially release the Watch 2 so we can bring you a review.


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