Going on a long road trip can be tiresome and boring if you do not have a way to stay entertained. If you are driving with a group of friends, it is important that you plan the trip well and bring along entertainment that will not compromise safety.

Long Road Trip Tips

The good thing is that current vehicle technology has got you covered. For this article, we will explore various technological ways to keep the passengers entertained while going on a long road trip. Read on to get some tips for your upcoming road trip.

Listen to Your Favorite Music or Audio Books

Music is the first option for entertainment. Including a variety of different types of music can keep you busy and entertained throughout the trip. Additionally, audiobooks are also an excellent option. With modern car infotainment systems, you can either stream the music if there is internet or use a smartphone that has all of your favorite music already downloaded.

Record the Trip

Every person would like to save memories of an enjoyable trip especially if they are passing through scenic landscapes and impressive cities. So, why not take advantage of the best cameras available in the smartphones of today and record some footage. When driving a car with a dashcam, you can also record the most interesting parts of the trip to view later.

Watch TV

Most coaches or buses now have TVs from reliable companies like Eyeride online installed. Passengers can watch various interesting programs including movies and sports. If a personal TV is available right in front of you, you can choose what you want to watch including Netflix, nature documentaries, sports and many other options. Watching a TV show when going on a long trip is an excellent way to stay entertained.

Bring Vehicle Friendly Games

Using a tablet to play games while on a road trip is one of the best forms of entertainment ever. With technology, you can compete with your fellow passengers through local or online connectivity. It is better to play simple games that do not require a lot of close attention due to other distractions. Games are better played in the back seats with the use of earphones to avoid distracting the driver. There are even portable game systems that can be hooked up to a 12V outlet to stay powered. If not, most vehicles are compatible with current converters to provide AC power for gadgets.

Browse the Web

As mentioned earlier, technology has changed entertainment in the automotive world. Today, people can access the internet while on the go. With in-vehicle Wi-Fi internet and a reliable service provider, the entire car or bus will become a hotspot. So, passengers will just connect their devices to the internet and browse the web for entertainment.


With all these options, passengers will enjoy their trips. They will stay entertained and arrive at their destinations without even knowing where the time went. Indeed, technology has transformed transportation and entertainment.



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