As the Microsoft Surface Pro smartphone goes on a low key in terms of patronage, Microsoft recently seem to be on a shopping spree by buying apps from talented developers obviously as a way to dominate the world of ICT. The latest on her cart is the planned acquisition of SwiftKey keyboard, which happens to be one of the best Android keyboard.

According to report, Microsoft is ready to throw in about $250 million to acquire UK-based Swiftkey, the predictive keyboard maker. The report by Financial Times also indicates that founders Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock who set up the company in 2008, will each make more than $30 million from the deal.

Microsoft Set to Buy SwiftKey

The report also reveals that buying SwiftKey is still a great addition to Microsoft’s shopping list as it has been on a spree over last year and lapped up talented developers and popular apps like Sunrise and Acompli. It is believed that it is part of Microsoft’s shift to a strategy across devices and platforms.

The acquisition of SwiftKey keyboard will be an addition to Microsoft who has its own smartphone keyboard called Word Flow but only available for Windows Phone.


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