First off, if you seem to be hearing the term “Immersive technology” for the first time, here’s what it’s all about. It’s a technology that blurs the line between the physical world and digital or simulated world and thus results in having the user’s attention all grabbed by the tech, that is it creates a sense of immersion.

Immersive Gaming on Android

As long as the technology is concerned, one major area that has users (both young and old) immersed in tech is the gaming industry. More so with the strength at which recent smartphones can run heavy graphics games, this immersion in gaming, especially on Android devices have seen a leap.

Of course most people now consider VR Headsets to be the best big thing in recent times to have happened in the gaming evolution and there’s no doubt that the inventions of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Play Station VR might trigger a whole new level of immersion in video games (that is with the right games played over them), but now, there seems to be a whole new level of immersion trend coming up in the mobile gaming sphere, and that’s online gaming/gambling.

The Casino trends seem to be seeping into the smartphone world as most gamers are now getting immersed in the fact that they want to make money online through their passion for gaming, while some resort to making gaming videos on Youtube and make money via Adsense and sponsors, others think gamble gaming might be their thing. Just to be clear, it is necessary to note that Google (Play Store) has strict policies on gaming for money and thus does not display real money gaming apps as you’ll have to find them at alternative places.

Why Android Remains the Best Mobile Gaming OS

This isn’t going to be another fanboy battle as to why Android beats iOS as the best mobile gaming platform. By the way, most developers find it easier developing games for iOS over Android since they have a consistent range of devices to develop for, unlike android where there are lots of devices to consider while developing your game. Below are some reasons Android remains a cool gaming platform.

It is the most widely used mobile operating system, therefore you get to easily find people to share your game with.
There’s a wider reach as you’ll find more people playing the same game with you and the bandwagon effect also creates this immersion in games.

One downside people consider for Android is the fact that Google does not display real Casino apps on the PlayStore, but this isn’t a downside to the Android OS since people can still get these apps directly from most vendor’s websites.

What do you think is the next big immersion gaming trend on android? I’ll love to hear your thoughts.


  1. VR gaming is a welcome development, however we shouldn’t overlook the ruinous effect this thing might cause to our eyes. Nevertheless, i’m still a fan of Visual Reality.

  2. I follow u all the time. keep it up updating us on our new technologies. I’m using php in designing a website so can I in anyway get help from u.


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