Today, platforms like Instagram are probably where you’ll find more teens than you might find in a classroom. Every major or minor update is uploaded to a story pretty quickly. But sometimes, to gain popularity, kids end up embarrassing others on Instagram; at times, themselves as well.

For those two seconds of fame, they end up engaging in deeds that may have life-long impacts, and that is exactly why these teens have to be kept under supervision. This is where parents need to intervene and control what information their children share on platforms like Instagram by getting inside their accounts.

But hacking into an Instagram account is certainly not a cakewalk. Giants like Instagram spend a lot on high-end security measures to safeguard their users’ data.

Even so, what if we told you that you could hack into an Instagram account in just 5 minutes?

Intrigued? Do check out the Spyier blog to know more.

Part 1: View Private Instagram with Spyier

Wanting to keep tabs on a loved one’s activities and succeeding in doing so without letting them know are two different things. No one wants to get caught spying; it can be a huge blow to dignity and could end up ruining your relationship with those you are spying on.

That’s why we bring Spyier to you. The app is backed by 10+ years of experience and has served millions of delighted customers in over 190 countries. Spyier is considered to be the best spyware by giants like Tech Crunch, Android Authority, Tom’s Guide, and Digital Trends.


The application has been designed by a team of talented designers who have worked on keeping your identity secret whilst using it. The question of privacy has also been tended to since the app does require the need to store any of the user’s data on its servers. Thus, there’s no chance of data theft or leak.

Spyier is very well equipped and it offers features like getting access to the target’s media activity, tracking the target device’s location, and also notifying you of the incoming texts and calls.

Once Spyier is up and running on the target device, it gives you complete access to its Instagram feed and all online activity of your children quite easily via an online dashboard. Working well on both iOS and Android, Spyier is extremely easy and straightforward to work with.

For the iOS version, all you require are the iCloud credentials of the target and you’re good to go. However, to get the Android version running you need to have physical access to the target device since the application has to be installed on it. But once done, it can be removed from the application drawer so that it isn’t detected.

You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to get Spyier working. No installation needed anywhere for iOS; installation of a lightweight (mere 2MB) app needed for Android.

Steps to get Spyier working

Step 1: Head to Spyier’s sign up page and create a free account using your email id as the username and pick out a subscription plan.

Step 2: Now you will be asked to specify the target device OS. If you select iOS, you will be asked to fill in the iCloud credentials and then the app will start syncing the device data into the online dashboard for you.

If you’ve specified the target OS as Android, you will be sent an email instructing you to download and install the application on the target device. Once you’ve done that you can easily hide Spyier by removing it from the application drawer.

Step 3: Once the application has been configured, it redirects you to the dashboard where you can select “Instagram Spy” option from the left-hand sidebar.

That’s how easy it is to view private Instagram by Spyier. To know more, check out Spyier’s free live demo.

Part 2: Hack into someone’s Private Instagram with Spyic

Another leader in the Instagram hack market, Spyic has been extensively accepted by customers all across the world. The app does not require you to tinker with your device in any way and is suitable to hack into both iOS and Android devices.


Spyic is considered to be very safe for both the personal and professional use since it does store any data on its servers. The application offers multiple amazing features like getting the target device’s location 24/7, getting access to the browser history and also hacking into applications like Instagram.

Spyic comes with a keylogger feature that records keystrokes used to log into social accounts. That’s how it makes Instagram hack possible.

Part 3: Check Out What Someone Does on Instagram with Cocospy

Cocospy has been in the phone monitoring industry for over a decade now. It has a variety of tools to offer which can help you keep track of the target device at all times. The solution keeps track of the target’s accounts on social platforms like Instagram and can easily get you into them.

Working on the exact same principles as Spyier, Cocospy requires the target’s iCloud credentials for the iOS version and for the Android version physical access to the target device is required.

The device need not be jailbroken or rooted for Cocospy to get a hold of the data. It is quick and easy to install and has a very simple user interface to be understood by anyone.

Part 4: Private Instagram Hacking with Minspy

Offering a dedicated Instagram Spy feature, Minspy is another spyware that has been around for some time now. It offers features like hacking into social accounts of the target, getting a 3D street view, and also get an exact address to where the target is headed or is at currently.

The application keeps a track of the incoming calls and notifies you accordingly. It works in the background and cannot be detected easily. It provides you with the target’s contact book so you can identify the culprit easily.

Minspy also comes with a keylogger feature which makes Instagram hack as easy as 1-2-3.

Part 5: Break into another person’s Private Instagram with Spyine

A definitive leader in the Instagram hacking arena, Spyine enables you to access everything that happens on a target iOS or Android device through an online dashboard. The able spyware comes with an Android keylogger that captures keystrokes used on the target device to sign into social accounts.

Using those keys, you can log into not just Instagram but all sorts of social accounts that your target accesses frequently. On iOS, all data saved within iCloud is synced into your online dashboard and you can easily view the Instagram feed in real-time.

Spyine keeps user convenience and trust at the forefront. It offers a free live demo so that you know exactly what you’re buying. The application is very affordable and secure as well.


We hope that this post helped you learn about the top five ways in which you can view Private Instagram. Each application has its own unique mix of features. So the next time you need to keep an eye out for your child’s online activities, you know exactly what to do.


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