There is no doubt that most people use the internet mostly for social media activities, and if you fall into this category and reside in Nigeria, then the MTN Goody Bag Social plan would be of a great interest to you.

mtn goody bag social for twitter, facebook, 2go and eskimi

MTN, one of the largest telecoms network in Nigerian introduced the Goody Bag plan which provides cheap access to social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, 2go and Eskimi at a cheap rate.

You can check out more about the MTN Goody Bag Social by dialing *662# on your MTN line. Below is a breakdown of the social plans provided by MTN Goody Bag.

Facebook Weekly – TEXT FBW TO 131 (N25)
Facebook Monthly – TEXT FBM TO 131 (N60)
Twitter Weekly – TEXT TWTW TO 131 (N25)
Twitter Monthly – TEXT TWTM TO 131 (N60)
Eskimi Weekly – TEXT ESKW TO 131 (25 Naira)
Eskimi Monthly – TEXT ESKM TO 131 (60 Naira)
2go Weekly – TEXT 2GOW TO 131 (25 Naira)
2go Monthly – TEXT 2GOM TO 131 (60 Naira)

The MTN Goody Bag social has 5MB weekly & 25MB monthly fair usage policy and you could purchase a plan via dialing *662#

I hope you do find the MTN Goody Bag Social Plans quite interesting. Why not share this page wit your friends. ­čÖé



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