Are you an MTN subscriber who makes not of intra calls between MTN to MTN numbers, and desires the cheapest call rate possible with MTN? The MTN Zone Tariff is exactly what you need.

The MTN Zone was desired by MTN to favour MTN subscribers who make a lot of local calls between MTN to MTN lines. With the MTN Zone plan, you are offered tariffs as low as 1k/s, alongside a lot of other benefits.

MTN Zone Tariff Plans

In this article, I am going to be giving comprehensive details, on how to go about subscribing to the MTN tariff plans, how the MTN Zone plan work, terms and conditions and the general benefits if the MTN Zone Plan.

How Does MTN Zone Tariff Plan Work

As earlier said, the MTN Zone was built to favour MTN to MTN calls with one of the most insane tariffs available to MTN subscribers in Nigeria.

With the MTN Zone, you can make calls for as low as 1 Kobo per second, and this is hinged on the location you are calling from and the time of the day you placed your call.

  • Calls from 8 AM – 11 AM will attract a tariff of 8 kobo per second.
  • Calls from 12 PM – 2 PM will attract a tariff of 4 kobo per second.
  • Calls from 8 PM – 10 PM will attract tariffs higher than the tariffs already mentioned

The star of the package is the happy hour feature. Between 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM in the morning, MTN users on MTN Zone can make MTN to MTN calls for as low as 1 Kobo per seconds, as long as you have some amount of money in your MTN Zone account.

You can also make free calls on MTN Zone, between 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM every day for free, with the condition that you have at least 100 Naira in your MTN Zone account.

NOTE: Network power should be switched to 3G only, in other to enjoy extremely low call cost.

The MTN Zone package comes with some features that allow you to monitor the call rate you are actually on per time. This is a great addition to MTN Tariff Plans.

When you turn in your cell broadcast, the current call you rate you are actually in per time will be shown next to your network back. Any time your place a call, A short voice notice will be given on the current call you are using.

Benefits of MTN Zone Tariff plan

  • You can make calls as low as one (1) Kobo per seconds, with the condition that you will call only MTN numbers
  • Happy hour is a feature in the MTN Zone tariff Package that allows you to make free MTN to MTN calls.
  • MTN Zone features a system that allows you to monitor the call rate you are using per call.

How To Migrate/ Activate MTN Zone [Activation Code]

Activating or Migrating to the MTN Zone is as simple as inputting a USSD code and doing it.
To migrate to the MTN Zone package

  • Dial *135*1#

Call Rate Calculator For MTN Zone Tariff Plan

Calls made from 8am-11am
Call rate = 8kodo/second
1 minute = 60 seconds
Cost per minute = 8×60 = 480 Kobo
Converting to Naira = 4 Naria 80 kobo/minute

Calls made from 12pm-2pm
Call rate =4kodo/second
1 minute = 60 seconds
Cost per minute = 4×60 = 240 Kobo
Converting to Naria = 2 Naria 20kobo/minute

Calls made from 12am-4am
Call rate = 1 kobo/second
1 minute = 60 seconds
Cost per minute = 1×60 = 60 Kobo
Converting to Naria = 1Naira/minute


1. How To Make Free calls on MTN Zone

You can make free calls in the MTN Zone from MTN to MTN from 12:00AM to 4:00AM every day, but you must have at least 100 Naira in your MTN Zone account.

2. How To Migrate From MTN Pulse To MTN Zone

You can migrate From MTN pulse to MTN Zone by simply dialing *135*1#.

3. How Much Does of cost To Migrate To MTN Zone

Migration from any MTN tariff plan to MTN Zone tariff plan is totally free.

4. What Is The SMS rate for MTN Zone.

Sending an SMS to any Nigerian number, using the MTN Zone tariff plan will cost you four (4) Naira, while international text messages will cost you as much as fifty (50) Naira, depending on the country you are texting.

5. How To check MTN Zone Registration Status

To check your MTN Zone registration status, simply dial *135#

6. How To Opt out of MTN Zone Package

To opt out or deactivate your MTN Zone tariff package, dial *1359#

7. How to get the list of Tariffs on the MTN Zone

To get the total list of plans of tariffs and bonuses applicable to the MTN Zone Package, Dial *1353# or Dial *1335#

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