Due to tight schedules, keeping the fire burning as a book lover may very difficult. Leisure times are most treasured. Being able to read desired books from smartphones makes the whole process easier. In this article, we are going to be looking at 10 must have apps for book lovers. These apps help book to lovers to keep their passion for reading going, in the midst of hindrances.

1.  Wattpad

watt padWatt pad is a social media app for book lovers, it is a community where writers and readers can communicate. It brings writers closers to readers. With watt pad, book lovers can interact with each other through the comment section. Watt pad has categories, containing genres of books, so locating people who love the type of books you love to read won’t be a problem.  Book lovers can discuss books they have read. watt pad also encourages users to participate in writing contests. In summary, watt pad brings book lovers together with their likes.

2. OverDrive

over drive

Overdrive gives book lovers the ability to carry their library in their pocket. Overdrive shifts offline libraries to users all over the world via the internet. With overdrive you can borrow books of your choice, to be read at your leisure. Overdrive also gives book lovers access to audiobooks.

3. Goodreads


Goodreads offers a community where books lovers can interact. With the Goodread app, writers can interact with readers also fellow writers can interact. If you are in for suggestions, Goodreads offers suggestions on exciting books to read based on your genre.

Readers can share names of books they have read, this way others readers can keep tracks on good books from across the globe. Amazon owns Goodreads.

4. Inkitt


If you love reading fiction novels, Inkitt is the best app for you. Inkitt offers books from genres like romance, fantasy, sci-fi. It is strictly for reading; there is no social media feature, it doesn’t provide a platform for book lovers to interact inkitt monitors your monthly and weekly reading statistics gives a history of the books you have read and helps in creating a list of the ones you want to read.

5. Marvin 3

Marvin 3

Designed exclusively for iOS devices, The Marvin 3 offers features that are absent in Apple books, it is the best alternative to Apple books. Marvin 3 is capable of opening any book file you want, whether PUB file to a CBX comic, Marvin 3 is capable.

Unlike Apple books, Marvin 3 offers an interface that is customizable. With Marvin 3 you can highlight sentences, take detailed notes, and add journal entries.

6. Leio


Leio can be best described as a statistical app for book lovers. It helps book lovers set reading goals, keep a list of books they plan to read under a particular time frame. Leio also enables you to analyze your reading pattern.

7. Serial Reader

serial reader

Serial reader is an app that helps book lovers build the habit of reading, and as the name suggests, you will emerge as a serial reader. It helps book lovers who find reading for long, improve their reading habits.  Serial reader gives you classic literature to read every day in 20-minute bite-sized pieces.

8. Litsy


Listy is a social network for book lovers. Instead of chatting, Litsy allows you to post pictures of your book moments, paragraphs that struck you as you were reading the book you read.

9. Reco


Reco offers book lovers a comprehensive of recommended books, it reduces the stress of looking for good books to read under a particular genre. Its clean interface provides one book per page, to make reading recommendations and description of books easier.

10. Blinkist


If you are somebody, who doesn’t have the time to finish reading a book and desires to get the information offered in books, Blinkist the best reading app for you. Blinkist offers summaries of books featured. Summaries that can be read under 15 minutes. Blinkist provides vital points along with the entire gist of a book.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of 10 10 Must Have Apps For Book Lovers. These apps simplify the whole reading process and draw book lovers closer to their likes around the world. Some of these apps are available for both Andriod and iOS users, while others are available only for iOS users.


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