It’s been a long time in the blogosphere, and as you know variety is the spice of life. I’ve been blogging and experimenting  lots of strategies, if any one tends to improve my blog, traffic and earning wise, I hold on to it.

oscarmini aggressive blogging challenge

Well, I remember when I started out blogging I used to blog vigorously, lol, that sounds funny right? Anyway, what I mean is I blogged everyday. Not until about 2-3 months ago, I used to write one article everyday, but I never took a case study of the improvements and impact it had on my blog, and that has prompted me into challenging myself to a contest where everything would be detailed and studied.

What’s The Challenge All About?

This sounds simple but would be a real work load for me, I would be challenging myself to writing 2 articles a day for a period of 30 days and that would be a total of 60 articles.

When Will I Begin?

I have decided to begin this challenge from the 29th of July 2013 and it would end  by the 27th of August 2013.

How Will I achieve This?

As at the time of writing this post, I don’t have any saved tutorial or draft post on my blog, so I need to make lots of research to get topics that i’ll cover in this 30 day period, though i’ll publish guest articles also as part of this self-challenge.

What You Should Expect.

  1. I’ll give you an analysis on the improvement or decline this would bring to my blog TRAFFIC.
  2. Also, if this would affect my Earnings, i’ll let you know HOW MUCH it does.
  3. Some other things would include my Alexa improvement and other related stuff.

Now it’s your turn. I’ll love to have you guys encourage me in achieving this challenging mission. You too could come on board, try putting yourself to test, try out something new and lets see how far we can go and also what we can achieve.

Note: I’ll keep you updated with blogging tips, tutorials and lots more.


  1. This is a great attempt. It will require a huge effort and smart technique. We’ll be interested to see the development and the outcome. It’s going to be an interesting month ahead.

  2. Well, this is great, but I think I’ll have to pass. I don’t know if I can compete in the challenge. Seems I am just starting in this business and I am not confident yet to do it.

  3. This is a great idea and something i have been up to in awhile on my blog, i try to publish more than one article a day now as much as i can and i will say so far i have seen its effect already. Now i can boast of over 100k monthly pageviews on my blog, a secret i intend to share soon.

    I encourage you to really go ahead with this as you will benefit a lot from it.

  4. Hmmm…. I’ll watch and see how it goes….. Be prepared for fresh distractions. I had tons of it when I started my own.

  5. By the way, try and open up Microsoft documents up to the amount of posts you’re targeting. So If you’re targeting to write up 20 posts; then it’s quite reasonable to do this.
    Also, after you might have saved the 20 MS empty documents, you should try and find a topic for each of them.
    Try and do this before you embark on your writing journey. It’s quite easy to write after doing these customization.

    My 25 cents..

  6. this challenge will require from you lots of time and effort and you should be ready for this 🙂
    writing 2 posts per day it’s not an easy task since you have to the promotions too for your post so the process will be harder by the way Ryan write 20 posts per day 😀 Still shocked thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Hey Oscar,

    I too decided to post regularly for 25 days however due to tight schedule, I had to give it up for the moment. I may give it a try once I’m free of this tight schedule.


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