Every blogger need a blog with massive trafffic, geeting huge traffic to your blog keeps getting difficult by the day, as lots of blogs come up the search engine on daily bases to compete with you in your niche.

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How would it be when you get extra traffic without SEO and google, wouldn’t it be nice, are you thinking it’s impossible getting traffic from other sources? Although I get enough traffic from search engine but I also get reasonable traffic from other sources, imagine an internet world where there were no search engines, I guess you would have come up with some alternative to pull huge traffic to your blog, If there were no search engines you can still stand firm in the blogosphere with the secrets I’ll be showing you today.

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I hope you are set to see the mind blowing secrets, make sure you read this article carefully, it would surely be of a great help to you.

Top Secrets To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog Without Search Engine

Your Blog Post Titles: Talking about your post title i would say the title of your post is what makes your readers click to read your content, yes your title should be mind blowing, using this article as an example, I would have captioned this article “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog” but turning the title from front to back or twisting the title, eg. “Why You Won’t Get Traffic On Your Blog” or “Top Secrets To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO”.
Would sure yield positive result.

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Social Media: Using the social network is a very nice move to boost your traffic, alot of people visit social networking sites, and lot of people also register on daily bases. Using then will surely make your blog popularThe social media has been my major source of traffic after search engine. One major advantage of using the social media is that it tends to help promote your blog and helps in making your blog popular. Not only does it popularize your blog, it also gains you repeated traffic to your blog.
Below are list of some social networking sites i’ve used.
Facebook: You can join Blogging groups, interact with bloggers, create your blog fanpage and share your blog articles.
Twitter: Follow and retweet others to catch their attentions, then tweet your blog articles also.
Pinterest: This one works great for image lovers.

I know there are lot of them out there but you can give this onse a trial, I must confess I get lot of traffic from them.

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Guest Posting: Here most bloggers get lot of traffic, although most people write guest post for the purpose of do-follow backlinks, but writing a quality post on a big blog will sure increase your traffic, I can remember the first ever guest post i wrote, it was on OscarMini Blog after writing for Oscar it sure affected my blogs traffic, my blog traffic increased by 15%, Isn’t that a great one for just a guest post? Try writing guest posts for other top blogs in your niche.

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Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting is a nice way to increase your traffic, try contributing reasonable contents to article on top blogs will sure make the readers and host blogger, try to know who you are also the’ll try knowing your blog. Commenting goes a long way in making your blog popular. I always comment on top blogs and i get traffic from them.

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Forum Posting: Don’t underestmaite the power of forums this are places you can drive cleans traffic from without spamming, I can tell you that it has helped drive a lot of traffic to my blog. Were you suprised seeing me saying you’ll get clean traffic from forums without spaming? Well this is how I use forums I register on forums which are related to my Niche in order to get a targeted audience. I try to give answers to questions without spamming. I create topics that would be of benefit to the forum members. By so doing I’ll gain trust and popularity, hehehe it’s now time to start getting your traffic. After you’ve won their trust you can answer questions with links back to your blog articles, the admins and modorators and Forum members would really appreciate your help in growing the forum, also add your link and keywords to your forum signature. This will also boost your trafffic.

These are the secrets i use to drive traffic to my blog without search engine you can give it a try.


  1. Hello Larry

    What a great post you have hidden here.

    This days most people depend entirely on search engine for their blog traffic leaving behind strategies like this that keeps working even in time to come.

    I do make use of all of the above, but my top secret amongst them has always being BLOG COMMENTING which works great, Forum Activities which I can hardly let go, social media posting as well as Making Suitable Mind Blowing Post Tittles.

    I have never really guest posted, because the rules governing it is now most unfavourable. Though I plan doing so in future, I don’t think I’ve gathered enough momentum yet.

    Thank you for this post

    Uche Francis
    Techdavids .com

    • Hi Uche,
      It’s good you’ve been practicalizing almost all that I’ve stated here, I hope they’ve been converting.
      Guest posting is one strong way which I get a ton of traffic from, I guess you should take advantage of it.
      I’m so glad that you love this article.
      Thanks and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. Yea, social media is a nice place to drive traffic from just that many newbies underestimate it, trust me i get lot of traffic from the social world.
    All thesame thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great information. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time. Get Readers To Your Blog

  4. If we are not drawing traffic from the search engines then ultimately we are pursuing referral traffic. This is simply traffic redirected to our website. Social media, guest posting and commenting are viable options. A blogger should plan on utilizing these options very well. They work, and thankfully they are included in this piece!This post was found in kingged where it was shared and upvoted.

  5. Hi Sunday,
    You’ve just sumerized it all, social media, guest posting and commenting are the key ways to drive traffic to your blog without search engine and I say thank you for your time on my blog. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  6. Hello Larry,

    Informative and I like your way of explanation……….!!!

    Definitely these above guidelines really helpful to drive extensive web traffic to your website specially social media as instance Facebook, linkedIn and Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing really valuable info to increase web traffic of blog website.

    I found this post on kingged.com

  7. Hi Gangadhar,
    Surely Facbook, Twitter and Linkedin are great places to drive traffic from apart from search engine. I’m glad you could drop your views on this thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hello Larry,

    Nicely described. If your blog is not getting too much traffic from Search Engine, then don’t panic because there are several Social Media Networks are here to help you to boost your traffic.

    I always use Social Media to get the benefit.Thanks a lot for showing the importance of Social Media in front of us.

    Kingged your post.


  9. Hi Sarmista.
    Yes for sure social madia is next after serach engine, I have a friend who depends solenely on social media infact not just social media facebook alone and he gets quiet handy sum of traffic to his blog just from facebook alone.
    Thanks for contributing. I appreciate your comment here,

    • Hi Horlaarsco,
      The above tips can help sky rocket your blog, one thing with some newbies is that they don’t implement what they read. I assure you, if you give these tips a try, you’ll surely smile whenever you hear the name techribs .
      Try it and give me feedback.
      waiting to hear from you soonest.
      Happy blogging time 🙂

  10. The power of all the listed above in driving meaningful traffic to our blog cannot be overemphasised. Thanks for taking time to share these tips. We all know a blog can only make it with traffic and getting it from other sources other than search engines is an added bonus.

    Think I’ll manipulate my post titles to make it attractive to people to click on from now on. Been concentrating on placing just keywords there. Already trying out social communities, has been quite rewarding.

    • Hi Gracia,
      It’s good that you’ve seen traffic from other source other than search engines as added bonus, but the fact remains that every blogger, even those bog bloggers out there wants more traffic, and this tips will surely go a long way in helping you.

      I really admire the fact that you’ve given blogging communities a trym and it’s really been converting.

      Thanks for stopping by, and a HAPPY new year

    • Hi Chidy,
      I’m glad you learnt a thing here from my post, I really appreciate your stopping by. I think it’s your first time here on my blog, I appreciate that.
      Happy and Prosperous new year.


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