As we all know in Nigeria, no food for lazy man. This explains why every citizen of this country go out in their numbers to do one work or the other to make ends meet. So when workers, civil servants, students, children, lawyers, doctors, barbers, dancers e.t.c finally get a holiday, it is usually a welcome development. In this article, we are going to explore the list of national and public holidays in Nigeria.

public holidays in nigeria

Information on the dates of this holiday is vital for Nigerians to plan their schedule and make it a great year. So here is OscarMini’s list of National And Public Holidays In Nigeria 2019:

1. New Year’s Day – January 1st

Congratulations to you and I. We just celebrated one. This fell on the 1st of January and it was a day to remember all over the world. Nigeria was not left out. Being the day that marked the beginning of a new year, we expected Nigerians to accord it some respect, church services, proper jollof rice and lots of parties.

2. Good Friday – April 19

This is for Christians. It is usually on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a day to remember the pain and tribulations Jesus Christ faced to free us from our sins. It also reminded us of when He was nailed on the cross and died, so we might be saved. It is a sad day Nigerians celebrate because Jesus’ mission was accomplished. Looking at our current calendar, the one for 2019, Good Friday falls on April 19.

3. Easter Season – April 22

Christians are known to celebrate this too. And Nigerian Christians do not carry last. The celebration for the Easter season begins on Easter Sunday. Workers all over the country are permitted by their organizations to free themselves from work and mark the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The date for this celebration on our calendars for 2019 is April 22, a Monday. Do not forget that Easter starts on the 21st of same April, a Sunday.

4. Worker’s Day – May 1st

Seeing the way Nigerian workers go about their business on a daily basis, they need a day to just give that body the rest it deserves. They get that day on the 1st of May yearly.

5. Children’s Day – May 27

This is a recognized public holiday to celebrate kids all over the globe yearly. It is celebrated on the 27th of May. That is a Monday this year and they can’t wait.

6. Democracy Day – June 12

It was formerly celebrated by Nigerians on May 29, but it was recently moved to June 12. This day is set aside to remind every Nigerian of how we ended the military rule for the restoration of Democracy in the country. It is also a day for hand-overs from an outgoing President to an incoming one.

7. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr – May 5 and June 5

This is one for the Muslims. This celebration signals the start of fasting for everyone practicing the Islamic religion. It ends with the Eid al-Fitr festival. Our calendar for 2019 tells us that Ramadan starts on Sunday, 5th of May and end on Tuesday, 4th of June.

Eid al-Fitr is on the 5th of June 2019. Please note that the dates sometimes change because of constellations of the moon as to when it would be cited by the Sultan.

8. Eid el Kabir – Aug 12

Another one for the Muslims. It would be celebrated on August 12th in 2019.

9. Independence Day – October 1st

This is celebrated by most countries that had colonial masters at one point or the other. So because of Nigeria’s history with Britain, we celebrate our freedom from them as well.

It is marked every October 1st as the day we were free to stand on our own as a country. Historically, that happened on October 1, 1960. It is a national public holiday for all Nigerians.

10. Christmas Day – December 25

Another celebration for Christians. It is a day set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though it is for Christians, some other secular and religious organizations join in as well because of its wide acceptance all over the country. December 25th is the day it is marked.

11. Boxing Day

It happens a day after Christmas. Boxing Day takes place on the 26th of December. It is a day to unwrap Christmas gifts you were given a day before and have a good rest in anticipation of the brand new year.

There you have it, the complete list of national and public holidays in Nigeria. These dates represent days where government workers don’t go to work.


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