For sometime now I’ve started noticing changes in me, previousely I disliked Blackberry devices the only thing I like about it is BBM and it doesn’t give me concern to use blackberry phones because I use BBM on my PC but recently after a friend of mine purchased a Blackberry Z10 I accessed the gadget and fell inlove with it. Hopefully my next gadget would probably be a BlackBerry device.

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Somtime ago the square-shaped BlackBerry Passport has was the talk in the mobile market but with time things changed and every body turned their focused to another member from the Porsche Design family, BlackBerry P’9983, Alias “Khan”. As shown in the pictures from N4BB, the Porsche Design and BlackBerry logo positions have been exchanged conversely. Like BlackBerry Q10, the P’9983 ditches the trackpad design and thus make room for a larger display.

(Image Credit: N4BB.COM)

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The Khan leaked on N4BB which claims this will be the first proper BlackBerry 10 Qwerty smartphone from Porsche Design. What it means by proper when the P’9981 had Qwerty too isn’t clear. It also backed these claims up with specs it has managed to attain. The Porsche Design P’9983 will feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. The smartphone will be powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU back by an impressive 3GB of RAM for a good battery life to power balance. The phone will come with 64GB of storage onboard, though further expansion was not mentioned.

The device is said to be launched before the end of the year, and the estimated price is $2000.


  1. I have never been a fan of any other device apart from those running the android operating system. So, I can say that Blackberry devices has never been my thing. However, with the description of the features of the BlackBerry Porsche P’9983 I think it would be enticing to check it out! Hopefully, this leak would materialize in due course. The only downside for me is the cost which is estimated at $2000 or thereabout ;)This post was found in kingged where it was shared and upvoted.

  2. Hi Sunday, “Blackberry Device Has Never Been My Thing” that was what i used to say sometime ago but after I came accross the blackberry Z10 I found out that it was worth calling a smart phone and since then Blackberry device has been on my mind and probably as I said in the post “BlackBerry Device Would Be My Next Gadget”. But won’t be going for the BlackBerry Porsche P’9983 anyway every body is entitled to his/her opinion.

    Thanks for dropping a comment.


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