The internet is an ever growing system, and now new TLDs have been proposed for usage to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) group. The new names are beyond the usual .com, .net and .org which you know.

top level domain

This proposal was made by big companies like Google, Amazon and others claiming that the regular extensions mentioned above have been saturated, and that nice names can be hardly gotten there.

Some of the suffix TLD extension proposed are;

  • .google
  • .apple
  • .nyc
  • .book
  • .aaa
  • .app
  • .bible
  • .bingo
  • .blog
  • .buy
  • .click
  • .digital
  • .free
  • .forum
  • .you
  • .zip

This are just but a few, you can View the Full list of Proposed Domain TLDs here

This name would be quite awesome having them, or what do you think?



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