When it comes to making money online in recent times, you will definitely agree with me that Niche sites are gold mines and I think I’ve finally decided to start up something in relation to that.

niche challenge 1.0 oscarmini by Oscar Frank

Ok, here is the full story. It was 2 days ago when Isaiah Joseph of www.omoscowonder.com sent me a mail proposing a niche site challenge on a specific keyword of which I accepted. Infact, he got to challenge Frank Joseph of www.moneyhomeblog.com also and we have unanimously agreed to go into a duel by building ourselves a niche site from scratch and see who wins the battle on same keyword :).

Isaiah Joseph was actually inspired after effectively following Tung Tran’s best adjustable dumbbell niche site success story and decided to make it an open challenge on that same keyword.

Don’t say I’m crazy because we also know there are a whole bunch of competitors out there on that keyword since Tung made it public, but never worry we will be doing this for fun. I’ve got my goals of which I will be outlining here, but the truth remains that this is my very first niche site and I’ll be learning a lot from it so as to startup others in the long run. Therefore it would be an experimental niche site challenge for me although I will still monetize it.

Things I’ll Do

Domain Name: I actually have not settled for any domain name in particular, but would definitely come up with one before the 20th of November, I’m quite aware that my competitors (Isaiah and Frank) have already setup theirs with some articles, but we would definitely meet at a point. I’ll let you guys know when I purchase a domain name for this niche site.

SEO: When it comes to SEO, I will be doing it myself for this niche site. I don’t think I’ll want to purchase any SEO service and I’ll detail all I’ll do on this blog so you can also follow the same processes in building your niche site.

Articles: I’ll consider hiring the services of a freelancer to help me out on the articles for this niche site. And the blog would come live with 5 articles when setup, and occassionaly I’ll update it with other articles, maybe 5 per month.

Monetization: I guess this is the part you must have been looking out for. This niche site would strictly be based on Amazon Affiliates, although I might consider other CPA programs also.

Reports: I’ll always update this blog with reports concerning the monthly income of the blog when it starts turning in revenue and we are actually targeting around $500/month after it must have settled in high ranking on search engines (probably after 3 months).

Future Plans for Niche Bout 1.0

If this niche site turns out to become a success, I’ll probably flip it over and continue with a new project.

I hope you guys would keep in touch and follow my niche bout challenge 1.0 to the end. Feel free to chip in your ideas and most of all wish me success using the comment box below.




  1. wooo what a good challenge well it wont be easy with lots of competitors around. Well am thinking going into the niche martket though that is after i have settled everything. Do you think domain extention matters?

  2. Hello Oscar, i hope you are also aware that am building a niche site, am not sure if we are on the same niche.. Guess what ? after doing my home work well, the number of competitor make me wanna quit, but how will i dare quit before starting..

    My fingers crossed for you Oscar

    Warm regards

  3. Looking forward to you Oscar Frank, and i hope you pick up your domain as faster as possible! you are already a few days late. meanwhile you should be writing your content….

  4. I have been researching on the keyword for my own niche site as i don’t want to join an already saturated keyword competition, good luck with your competition and i hope i find a suitable keyword for my own niche site soon.

  5. Oscar,

    I love challenges and this is one I’ll be looking forward to. The reason? I’m thinking about niche sites presently and will definitely consider them in the long run.

    Kindly update your progress as you proceed…I’ll be following curiously.

    Do have a great ahead, Oscar!

    – Terungwa

  6. Hi Mate,

    I started on monday and alexa has dropped down to 2M. Hoping to get it on the first page anytime soon. You have a good thought on flipping it out. My next project is to but 6 bulk domain from godaddy, write 20 articles each, do some blackhat (tell no one) and rank it….flip the heck out of it.


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